August 03, 2017

Sanriku Corporation to participate in WOFEX 2017

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  • Sanriku Corporation to participate in WOFEX 2017
  • Sanriku Corporation brings their fresh seafood products all the way to WOFEX!

    Known for delivering fresh seafood products from Japan to the Philippines, Sanriku Corporation will be bringing their sample products to WOFEX, the largest food exhibition in the Philippines to be held from August 2 to 5 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City and the World Trade Center.

    Sanriku, which advertises their seafood products in the Philippine Primer magazine, delivers the freshest and finest seafood products from the high-sea, offshore, and coastal fishing village of Sanriku, which is one of the major fishing grounds in the world.

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    Currently, Sanriku Corporation delivers items such as frozen mackerel, Saury, sardine, Bonito, Venison globe, salmon, oysters, scallops and other quality frozen ones being sent directly to the Philippines.

    At the Thailand food exhibit

    11 kinds of products will be available for sampling such as oysters, scallops, salmon, kimedai (red snapper) etc. to be prepared on that day. Admission is free so make sure you visit the Sanriku booth!

    Sanriku Corporation also participated in Thailand food expo

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    Sanriku Corporation also previously participated in a food exhibition in Thailand. Admission fee is Php 200 for those visitors without complimentary invitations or registration.

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