April 26, 2017

BDO Credit Cards to Suit Your Lifestyle in Manila

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  • If you’re someone who’s on the lookout for your first or for the credit card which will cater to your travels, shopping sprees, and every other kind of investment, Banco de Oro (BDO) will be the right choice for you as they offer different kinds and brands of cards that will fit your lifestyle.

    BDO is known to be – not only the largest bank in the country – but also the most trusted one, with over 1,100 branches nationwide. It offers full banking operations to its customers who would need their services. To make banking even easier, Banco de Oro also offers online and mobile banking to customers who don’t have the time or the chance to go to the branches. By using these online and mobile banking services, customers may access their accounts, pay bills, transfer money, and reload their cards. This assures them that the bank will be available to provide their needs as easy as 1-2-3.

    Customers who need advice as to which card will best suit their needs and lifestyle may go to Banco de Oro’s website to compare and see the kinds of cards they offer depending on the brand (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, etc.), the services it is best used for, and the perks they get to have.

    Here are some of the cards to choose from, and the benefits they offer:


    Standard Mastercard

    Tagged as “Your Everything, Everywhere Card,” the Standard Mastercard allows cardholders to get special deals when they go shopping, and to pay in an instalment basis whenever they buy “big-ticket items” such as appliances, jewelry, gadgets, and others. This card may also be used when you’re shopping online, and you may also get discounts and deals whenever you shop in BDO’s partner websites.

    Visa Classic

    This particular card allows holders to redeem an exciting selection of rewards and finds in the Points Redemption Catalogue. Every P50 you charge on the card earns you 1 Credit Card Point you may use in the future. Earn enough points, and you may waive your membership fees. The points in the card also do not expire, so you may continue to earn and get the best rewards the card offers as long as the card remains active.

    JCB Lucky Cat

    Being a JCB card, acquiring this card also gives you access to JCB Plaza Lounges in tourist shopping area all across the 9 major cities in the world. This includes: tourist and travel information, reservation for hotels, restaurants, tours, and tickets, and assistance on card-related emergencies. Some of the other services also include free WiFi, use of computers, and more.



    Gold Mastercard

    Availing this card entitles the cardholder to two separate billing statements, depending on where their transactions were made. Local transactions are charge in Philippine Pesos, while those done internationally are billed in US Dollars. Those who travel also get Free Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance of up to P5 million, covering their immediate family members.

    Visa Gold

    This particular card entitles the holder to premium card rewards that would cover every kind of expense and amusement they wish to have. Some of the perks they get to have are: 2x Credit Card Points on dining and entertainment spend, golden dining privileges, discounts on movie blockbusters and concerts, travel privileges with their partner resorts, and a free travel insurance coverage of up to P5 million.

    JCB Gold

    Some of the perks a JCB Gold cardholder has are: free travel insurance of up to P5 Million, free annual fee if he/she spends at least P180,000 a year, rewards and great deals in exchange of the credit card points, and access to the JCB Lounge Services.


    Platinum Mastercard

    Aside from its Dual Currency Feature and Travel Insurance Coverage (up to P20 Million), Platinum Mastercard holders get to experience the perks of its Credit Card Points Redemption Program where they can use points to avail new items, or to redeem miles that would take them to their dream vacations. Cardholders are also entitled to the following: Crossborder Treat where they could get treats from international partner merchants, 50% off Dining Programs where they get savings at dining establishments of partner hotels, and Travel Getaways which give them exclusive rates at partner hotels and resorts.

    Visa Platinum

    Some of the many perks and benefits a Visa Platinum cardholder gets to have are the following: Travel Insurance Coverage up to P20 Million, access to over 600 VIP airport lounges in over 300 cities and 75 countries (regardless of ticket class and airline), access to 500 Members-Only Golf Clubs Worldwide, Benefits at some Airport Duty-Free Outlets, Visa Concierge Services, and more.

    Diners Club Premiere

    Perfect for those who are into exploring the world and all its has to offer, the Diners Club Premiere card entitles the holder of the Dual Currency Billing Options, free travel insurance (up to P10 Million) and other perks which include: Access to Miasco and to 500 airport lounges, Diners Club Privileges in 70 countries, and Non-Expiring Reward Points.

    If you look for more options, you may visit Banco de Oro’s website which would assist you choose the best card for you through a series of questions regarding your lifestyle, usual expenses, and more.

    For more information, you may call them at 02-878-4088.

    To read more about BDO, click here: BDO: We Find Ways

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