March 17, 2017

LIST: Filipino YouTubers that deserve your sub

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  • Ever heard of the song Video Killed the Radio Star? Well, there’s a modern version of the title (though not necessarily the song): Internet Killed the Video Star… specifically, YouTube.

    YouTube has given a lot of people a shot at fame and fortune, all while taking about or doing whatever it is they like doing: make-up tutorials, gaming (console and online), song covers, travelling… you name it, there’s probably someone doing it and uploading a video of it on YouTube.

    Filipinos have used YouTube to gain access to said fame and fortune and have taken it to such heights that they’ve become something short of a household name. Here’s a list of Filipinos you should be subbing to on YouTube:

    Beauty and Fashion


    Judy Travis, a.k.a. ItsJudyTime, is a Filipina beauty and fashion vlogger from Seattle, Washington. Her videos on ItsJudyTime consist of first impressions of new beauty products, make-up tutorials, as well as the latest hair and make-up looks. She has been on YouTube since 2008 and has over 1.38 million subscribers. She also maintains two other channels, itsjudyslife (family life) and itsmommyslife (everything mommy-related).

    Michelle Dy

    One of, if not the country’s most popular Filipina fashion blogger, Michelle Dy started vlogging her make-up tutorials in 2011. Her most popular videos come from her Make Up Serye where she takes on different personas such as Michelle da Promo Girl and Misyel Tipid Pa More to connect to different types of women. She has nearly 350,000 subscribers on YouTube.

    Janina Vela

    Janina Vela has a lot of make-up tutorials on her channel which has nearly 235,000 subscribers. Not bad for someone who started making videos in 2015.

    Raiza Contawi

    A professional make-up artist and beauty guru, Raiza Contawi is known for her make-up tutorials and transformations. She has been on YouTube since 2015 and has over 69,000 subscribers to date.

    Travel and Lifestyle (Disclaimer: Most of them aren’t Filipinos but they have embraced being in the Philippines.)

    The Vlog Squad (Wil and Haley Dasovich, and Daniel Marsh)

    They call themselves The Vlog Squad: Wil, Haley, and Daniel are (usually) a group of vloggers who hail from the west (California for Wil and Haley and Ireland for Daniel) yet have made the Philippines their home. They do A LOT of travelling as well as attending events (but mostly travelling and eating), and have a total of 614,661 subscribers combined (guess who has the most).

    Kyle Jennerman

    There’s this one guy, specifically a Canadian, who spent most of his Philippine life in Cagayan De Oro (though he later moved to Manila). He vlogs about his trips all around the country while doing the craziest things, all in the spirit of “becoming Filipino”. If you’ve ever wanted to see life from an expat’s POV, he’s your guy.

    Erwan Heusaff

    Also known by his moniker “The Fat Kid Inside”, Erwan Heusaff started his YouTube channel showcasing his healthy cooking ways. It later evolved to include his excursions both in and out of the country, though there’s still a lot about FOOD on his channel. He is, after all, The Fat Kid Inside.

    Camie Juan

    She is, as she so aptly puts it, “a freckled French girl wannabe.” A lifestyle blogger, she writes mostly about her trips and beauty tips. Her travel vlogs are amazing, and her how-to’s are a must-watch if you’re a lady who’s still struggling with your look-for-the-day.

    The Skit-men (a.k.a. the Comics)

    Mikey Bustos

    Filipino-Canadian Mikey Bustos is a man who needs little introduction. He’s a YouTuber/Recording Artist/Performer/Actor/Comedian/Entrepreneur/Animal Lover/Foodie/Traveler who hit it off with this particular tutorial.

    Lloyd Cafe Cadena

    Only one word can describe Lloyd: hilarious. His videos are some of the most shared online, where he does some of the most ridiculous parodies you can think of. If there’s a skit you’re thinking of doing, he’s probably done it. He’s also a fixture on memes (if that helps).


    AJ Rafael

    10. Years. On. YouTube. AJ Rafael probably has more experience than some of these YouTubers combined. He started out posting covers and original pieces which landed him gigs and, later, recording contracts. If you haven’t followed this man, please do.



    Ah, GLOCO. Gian Lois Lanuza Concepcion to his friends. If you’re looking for someone to take a peek at your games, this is your guy. He started out reviewing independent games, mostly with hilarious results, during his spare time (he used to teach English to Japanese students). He later abandoned his day job to pursue being a full-time YouTuber, where he uploads mostly gameplay videos. Oh, and if you’ve ever heard someone talk about a “Train to Busan Parody”, there’s a high chance it’s his.

    Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    7 days ago

    Waat tDaa..

    Nasan ang mga PAYAMAN
    Ranz and Niana

    2 weeks ago


    2 weeks ago

    Kulang ng jayzam camille ranz at niana

    3 weeks ago

    wheres ranz kyle it is now 3m subscribers and niana guerero she have 1.7 m subscribers

    2 months ago


    2 months ago

    there is now ranz kyle or niana they are my favorite filipino youtuber

    3 months ago

    Consider “CookPh” pls it’s owned by my friend JC. It’s all about cooking tutorial videos.

    3 months ago

    everyone listed here has nothing on the great CongTV

    4 months ago

    Sa beauty and fashion po, si Sophia Margarette To

    4 months ago

    how about megatoon tv? Pinoy animation channel

    5 months ago

    Cong tv!!!

    5 months ago

    pati si wil dasovich

    5 months ago

    dapat kasama si CONG TV sa listahan, the best youtuber for me

    6 months ago
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