December 17, 2017

Filipino YouTubers That Deserve Your Sub (2017)

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  • There might come a time when online video-sharing and streaming platforms like YouTube would reign supreme over television, what with the millions of videos being streamed every day. YouTube even has a greater diversity when it comes to the genres of contents from various channels.

    While any YouTube video could probably never overthrow great movies like Star Wars or addictive TV shows like The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother, we can’t deny that there’s a whole lot of online videos that are also worth watching and channels that are worth following on YouTube.

    If you’ve been on YouTube a lot just randomly watching videos on your feed, it’s time to actually get to know the video bloggers who make up the YouTube universe. To give you a good start, here are some Filipino vloggers who are rocking the vlogging scene in their own country and are worth your sub!

    Chris Cantada Force

    The Chris Cantada Force channel is run by a self-confessed geek and cosplayer who posts a lot of fun and geeky stuff about Power Rangers, Star Wars, Marvel Universe, and more. Currently with more than 300,000 subscribers, Chris Cantada Force is most famous for the Forever Series, which puts a fun twist on millennials’ classic favorite, Power Rangers. The latest episode, which just came out a week ago, has been viewed more than 800,000 times.

    Anne Clutz

    If you’re looking for a new beauty and makeup channel to follow, check out the Anne Clutz channel. On Anne’s channel, you will find a lot of makeup tutorials and product reviews which are also entertaining because of her bubbly personality. Anne Clutz now has more than 300,000 subscribers and gets hundreds of thousands of views on her tutorials.


    The beautyklove channel is another beauty channel that’s worth your sub. Run by Keren, a girl blessed with long beautiful hair, the channel features a lot of no-heat hairstyling tutorials but you’ll also find makeup and DIY skincare tutorials on beautyklove. Her channel already has almost 700,000 subscribers.

    Cong TV

    Lincoln Velasquez, the man behind Cong TV, has garnered a huge following because of his videos that notably uses street humor and amusing word plays and slangs. The type of entertainment he provides is savage, raw, and uncensored but funny at the same time. Cong TV now has 800,000 subscribers and counting.

    Wil Dasovich

    Wil Dasovich is a Filipino-American travel and experience vlogger.  He recently shared on his channel, which now has almost 1M subscribers, about the diagnosis of his cancer and has since gained a lot of support from followers and non-followers in the Philippines. Despite what he’s going through, you can still find a lot of fun and positivity in his latest videos!

    Donna the Explorer

    Here’s one for the kids! The channel of Donna the Explorer features the adventures of a little kid who has started building her fame even before she could learn to speak. Pleechuchibes! That’s what she always says at the end of her videos. It sounds gibberish, but many people understood—1.3 million are now subscribed to her channel!

    Niana Guerrero

    “Music and laughter.” This young girl’s channel description is a little lacking, so let us give you a more fitting description. Now with 2.4 million subscribers, Niana Guerrero’s channel is made up of music, dance, laughter, love, and inspiration. Niana is a young girl who dared to dream big, with a huge support coming from her family, especially her brother who shares the same passion. Learn to dance, to laugh, and to follow your dreams through Niana’s videos!

    Ranz Kyle

    Here’s the guy who inspired Niana Guerrero to dare to dream: her older brother, Ranz Kyle! Just like his sister, Ranz Kyle’s channel, which already has 3.5M subscribers, contains a lot of dance videos, some solo and many with Niana. If you’ve been wondering how this young boy got so good in dancing, check out his channel, which also features some dance tutorials and adventures with his little sister.

    Didn’t find your favorite channel on this list? Let us know in the comments! You can also check out other Filipino Youtubers on this list.

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