February 12, 2017

CONCERT REVIEW: The Goo Goo Dolls wows Filipino fans during concert in Manila

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  • 90s music has been undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened to everyone. With the emergence of rap music, RnB, boy bands and teen pop, and alternative rock bands – it’s just filled with musical perfection.

    To put it simply, music of the 90s was the age of everything, including the discovery of American alternative rock band Goo Goo Dolls, who staged a one-night concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last February 11, Saturday.


    John Rzeznik and Robby Takac’s picturesque moment of sharing guitar solo

    Months ago, Filipinos went frenzy as concert promoter Random Minds Production announced the much-awaited concert of the band. As expected, thousands of the band’s patrons have flocked at the venue to watch their musical heroes relieved the music that hits them on multiple levels.

    As the lights dimmed, rollicking audience went screaming as the band went so strong on stage and guitar riffs penetrated the venue. Crowd went wild as they perform “Over and Over”, “Long Way Down”, and “Slide”.


    Rzeznik with touring members, Brad Fernquist (guitar) , Craig Macintyre (drums), and Korel Tunador (keyboards)


    Goo Goo Dolls’ touring guitarist, Brad Fernquist

    One of the amazing things that made this concert one for the records was because of how precise and polish they performed LIVE, especially the punchy and warm drum beats they’re known for.

    Rzeznik also performed “Come To Me” which was originally dedicated for his wife. He said he felt really overwhelmed with how the Filipino have welcomed and appreciated their music up to now.


    John Rzeznik donned in black leather jacket with his acoustic guitar

    In their newest album Boxes, the band did a new approach to their music and enlisted some songwriters who’ve helped them craft their new album. Few of those they performed that night were “So Alive” ,“Over and Over” and “The Pin”.

    The band also did some slew of hits such as “Rebel Beat”, “Here is Gone” ,“Naked” ,“Name” , “Broadway” and more.


    John Rzeznik inviting the crowd to sing along with them

    And there goes the part of the long pause as John Rzeznik gives hint of the twangy sound, and from that very moment – on his “B” string, he played “Iris” – the soundtrack for the 1988 film, “The City of Angels” and an acoustic ballad that stayed on the top spot of Billboard Airplay chart in 1998 for 18 (non-consecutive) weeks.

    The concert has ended with shower confetti and balloons, along Rzeznik’s promise of coming back very soon.

    People would’ve probably experienced post-concert depression after this stellar performance from the group whose music have brought back so many memories and whose heartfelt and feel-good lyrics have created an impact tobeveryone in the world.

    This concert is presented by Random Minds Productions.


    Over & Over

    Long Way Down


    Big Machine

    Rebel Beat

    Here is Gone

    Black Balloon


    Bringing Light


    So alive


    Before it’s too late

    Better Days

    Stay With You

    Already There

    Free of Me

    Come to Me

    The Pin




    Give a little bit

    Long Way Home


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