July 19, 2021

A Guide to BGC Parking Lots

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  • Dubbed as the Home of Passionate Minds, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig is considered as a locality of quality and privileged living by many.

    It is known as a world-class business and residential center as it is home to myriads of luxury shopping centers, dining spots, residential condominiums, corporate offices, and recreational options.

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    Since it receives a lot of people every day, finding a parking space can be quite a challenge. Luckily, motorists can check BGC’s official app for parking lot availability.

    And just recently, the BGC announced through their Facebook page that some parking lot rates are expected to rise starting August 1, 2019. 

    PUBLIC SERVICE ADVISORY 📢Heads up, #BGCitizens! Please take note of the new rates for selected carparks which will be effective August 2019.

    Bonifacio Global Cityさんの投稿 2019年7月30日火曜日

    Here’s a breakdown of the adjusted parking rates:

    Parking Lot Operating Hours Weekday Rate first 3 hrs Weekday Rate succeeding hour Weekend rate first 3 hrs Weekday Rate succeeding hour
     Bonifacio One Tech Tower  24 hours  Php 50  Php 20  Php 50  Php 20
     Three Parkade  6 am-12am  Php 50  Php 20  Php 50  Php 20
     Carplaza  6 am-12am  Php 35  Php 10  Php 35  Php 10
     Northeast City Center  6 am-12am  Php 35  Php 10  Php 35  Php 10
     Fort Victoria  24 hours  Php 50  Php 20  Php 50  Php 20
     CCI South  24 hours  Php 35  Php 10  Php 35  Php 10
     28th West  10 am-5am  Php 50  Php 50  Php 50  Php 50
     Central South  10 am-12am  Php 50  Php 50  Php 50  Php 50
     Cresent South  24 hours  Php 50  Php 50  Php 50  Php 50
     One Bonifacio High Street  24 hours  Php 50  Php 50  Php 50  Php 50
     BHS Pocket Parking  Varies   Php 50  Php 50  Php 50  Php 50
     Central Square (with coupon)  9 am-2 am  Php 50  Php 50  Php 50  Php 30
     Central Square (without coupon)  Php 100  Php 100  Php 100  Php 100


    Parking Lot Operating Hours First 4 hrs Per succeeding hour
     One Parkade  24 hours  Php 40  Php 50
     Two Parkade  7 am-11 pm  Php 40  Php 50


    Parking Lot Operating Hours First 3 hrs Succeeding 4th and 5th hour 6th hour onwards
     Forbeswood Heights 1  24 hours  Php 40  Php 50  Php 40
     8 Forbes 1
     Burgos Parking
    • Gallery Parkade: Flat rate of Php 100 for cars with an entry time of 6 am to 10 pm. Regular rate is Php 40 for the first 4 hours and Php 10 per succeeding hour. The parking is open from 24/7.
    • BGC Corporate Center: Flat rate of Php 150 for cars with an entry time from 6 am to 9 am and parked until 6 pm. An additional Php 20 per hour will incur after 6 pm. Regular rate is Php 50 for the first 3 hours and Php 20 per succeeding hour.

    Note that for all parking lots, a fraction of an hour is considered one hour.­­ For further inquiries, you may send an e-mail to bgc.carparks@gmail.com.

    A map showing some of the parking spaces available in BGC. Those with new rates for August 2019 are highlighted / Image grabbed from Bonifacio Global City FB Page

    We accumulated data from their official website and social media pages for this guide. The list will be updated as we confirm the parking rates in BGC.

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    Sources: Bonifacio Global City Facebook, TheFortCity Website

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