July 19, 2021

15 Places to Donate Clothes, Furniture, and Appliances

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  • The Marie Kondo trend may have passed or you may have finished with your spring cleaning already so now, it’s time for selfless giving!

    In this season of inclement weather, many could benefit from your pre-loved clothes, furniture, and appliances. If you’re decluttering, then you might want to check out these organizations that will happily accept them.


    A clothing store known for their light, comfortable, and stylish designs, UNIQLO accepts back their products—usable or otherwise, and upcycles them for their charities around the world. They accept donations during store hours, just approach any of their staff and ask them about their All-Product Recycling Initiative.

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    Give your UNIQLO clothes a new purpose and help make the world a better place. Join our All-Product Recycling initiative…

    Uniqlo Philippinesさんの投稿 2019年7月3日水曜日

    H&M Foundation

    H&M is another international major clothing brand that accepts items that are either wearable or has minor damages. This includes clothes, beddings, and towels. Those who donate will receive a small discount voucher for each bag of items given.

    Segunda Mana

    Segunda Mana is a program of Caritas Manila, a non-profit organization that helps those who are less fortunate. They both recycle and sell old clothes, furniture, home accessories, and books. Proceeds of the sale go to scholarships and aid underprivileged Filipino youth.

    Segunda Manaさんの投稿 2019年3月13日水曜日

    Contact: 02-563-9311 / 02-564-0205 / 0905-4285001 / 0929-8343857
    E-mail: info@caritasmanila.org.ph
    Website: caritasmanila.org.ph

    Philippine American Guardian Association

    The Philippine American Guardian Association, Inc. (PAGA) serves the needs of Filipino-Amerasian children and their families, together with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). They accept both cash and usable children’s clothes, items, and toys.

    Contact: 02-817-5896/ 0998-846-2038
    E-mail: paga@paga.ph
    Website: paga.ph/home

    Goodwill Industries of the Philippines

    The Goodwill Industries of the Philippines is a non-profit organization providing a fuller, independent, and productive life of people who are handicapped, with disabilities, and disadvantages. They accept most pre-loved items that could be of use to the PWDs such as clothes and appliances. You can also schedule a pick-up by calling ahead.

    Send donations of used and reusable items​​GIPI Head Office at 22 VRCC Road, VFP Industrial Area, Veterans…

    Goodwill Industries of the Philippinesさんの投稿 2019年3月20日水曜日

    Contact: 02-837-3094, 02-837-7170 0919-999-9329
    E-mail: donate@goodwillph.org
    Website: goodwillindustries.wixsite.com

    Philippine Red Cross

    Extending your help to the Philippine Red Cross may go beyond blood donations. They also accept donations in kind of clothing, canned goods, and beddings that they can use to provide for those affected heavily by natural calamities and disasters.

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    Buhay ang bayanihan! Volunteer Sign up: http://goo.gl/EruKjRWays to Donate: http://www.redcross.org.ph/donatenow.phphttp://ushare.redcross.org.ph/Tracing:http://goo.gl/dAGNSi

    Philippine Red Crossさんの投稿 2013年11月10日日曜日

    Contact: 02-527-0000
    E-mail: fundgeneration@redcross.org.ph
    Website: redcross.org.ph

    Child Hope Philippine Foundation, Inc.

    The Child Hope Philippine Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization advocating for street children through education and protection programs. You can donate children’s clothing, school supplies, and pre-loved toys in good condition through their Hope Closet program.

    Contact: 02-563-4647, 02-561-7118
    E-mail: childhope@hope.org.ph
    Website: childhope.org.ph

    Citizen’s Disaster Response Center

    Another non-government organization that has programs for disaster management, the Citizen’s Disaster Response Center accepts donations from relief goods to reusable non-food items, rags, and utensils for victims of fires, floods, and other disasters.

    Contact: 02-929-9820
    E-mail: info@cdrc-phil.com
    Website: cdrc-phil.com/donate/

    Habitat for Humanity ReStore

    ReStore is a non-profit donation center from the Habitat for Humanity that accepts pre-loved furniture items, home fixtures, appliances, and building materials, which they may sell. Proceeds fund their projects to build homes and communities.

    We believe everything that is being built has a purpose, just like your old furniture and pre-loved appliances that can…

    Habitat for Humanity Philippinesさんの投稿 2016年5月26日木曜日

    Contact: 0929-364-3753, 0945-516-1020
    E-mail: restore@habitat.org.ph
    Website: restore.habitat.org.ph

    Tzu Chi Foundation

    The non-profit Tzu Chi Foundation accepts both usable and recyclable items and offers to pick large quantity donations for free. They accept clothes, newspaper, boxes, aluminum, glass bottles, and old and broken appliances.

    Contact: 02-714-1188, 02-714-2288, 02-714-1188, 02-714-2288, 02-732-0001

    Philippine Toy Library

    Children outgrow their toys quickly but there are other kids out there who can still play with them. The Philippine Toy Company accepts toys, books, children furniture, mats, and equipment for marginalized children all over the country.

    Energies up, smiles all around! 😊 Let's enjoy the last Monday of October bringing happiness through play to the…

    Philippine Toy Libraryさんの投稿 2018年10月28日日曜日

    Contact: 0917-150-7725
    E-mail: info@toylibraryph.com
    Website: philippinetoylibrary.org

    PAWS and CARA

    Even our furry friends need some love. Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA), which provides shelter and care to abandoned and maltreated animals, accept old rags, rugs, mats, towels, newspapers, and boxes. You are also invited to adopt the rescued cats and dogs at their shelters!

    Contact: PAWS: 02-475-1688, CARA: 02-532-3340, 0919-579-0047
    E-mail: CARA: donate@caraphil.org
    Website: paws.org.phcaraphil.org

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    Little Free Library Philippines

    Before your books get eaten up by actual bookworms, why not donate them to share the magic and the worlds inside? The Little Free Library brings books to orphanages, children’s wards, public schools, and other institutions for children.

    E-mail: littlefreelibraryphilippines@gmail.com
    Website: littlefreelibraryphilippines.wordpress.com

    Kariton Klasrum

    The Kariton Klasrum project by the Dynamic Teen Company brings education to the street children and poor communities. For donations, they accept old textbooks, unused notebooks, and storybooks.

    Kariton Klasrumさんの投稿 2016年12月3日土曜日

    Contact: 046-431-5263
    E-mail: pushcartclasses@gmail.com
    Website: dtc.org.ph/

    The Book Stop Project

    If you’ve noticed pop-up libraries around the metro, it could be from The Book Stop Project. They’ve put up un-manned public libraries in places such as Intramuros, Bonifacio High Street, and Ayala Triangle, where anyone can take a book, leave books, and read books as they come. Books of all genres are welcome.

    Contact: 02-721-0418
    E-mail: thebookstop@wtadesignstudio.com
    Website: wtadesignstudio.com/thebookstop

    Ortigas Library Foundation

    This library program by the Ortigas Foundation encourages and assists students and the general public in researching and conserving the fascinating story of the Philippines. They accept history books and other materials with a focus on Philippine history, arts, and culture.

    Contact: 02-631-1231 to 38 (loc. 228 and 222)
    Website: ortigasfoundationlibrary.com.ph

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