February 20, 2018

What do Filipinos Usually Eat?

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  • In this article we’ll break down what some Filipino eat during the day. Whether for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner, the Filipinos enjoy their rice, noodles and almost everything. Filipinos are inventive and resourceful when it comes to making dishes. They can boil or stew vegetable from their backyard, some would even create new recipes.

    If you’re not accustomed to what Filipinos eat, we got you covered. Here is a guide on what the typical Filipino food menu is composed of.


    Mr.Jones’ Tapa and Fried Egg from Chelsea’s Kitchen (Php 320)

    We Filipinos loves rice. Other than being a staple, rice is something that the Filipinos eat every meals. During breakfast, Filipinos order Tapsilog, Tocilog, Hotsilog and Longsilog. Silog is a dish with plain or garlic rice, accompanied with fried egg and choice of beef tapa (dried cured beef), tocino (sweet cured pork), hotdog or longganisa (mixed ground pork). The list for silog is virtually endless, and Filipinos eat this mostly for breakfast but it can be eaten for lunch, dinner, or even as a midnight snack.


    Chicken Inasal, marinate chicken then grilled

    At exactly 12:00 nn, different Filipinos would dash outside their work office or to their kitchen to eat. A typical Filipino lunch is composed of a food variant (or two for some) and rice, sometimes with soup. Whether grilled, stewed or fried, everything eaten with rice. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, we usually pair our meals with iced cold water, juices or even soft drinks.


    Lumpiang Sariwa (Fresh Spring Roll)

    In the Philippines, snacks are called merienda in the native tongue. There are different dishes to choose from such as pancit, lumpia, and even street foods. We, Filipinos can have anything for snacks as long as it’ll satisfy our stomachs. Typical snacks can also have rice or noodles, sometimes sweet or savory, others prefer coffee or ice teas. A quick bite to get us energized, a merienda usually lasts for 15-30 minutes.

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    Kare-kare, ox tail or beef tripe with sweet and savory peanut sauce accompanied with vegetables

    Just like the other meals, everything is served with rice. For a dinner a typical meal consists of rice, a dish of any variant. Usually, the set-up is the same as lunch only some prefer to have a lighter meal during night time or sometimes they would reheat the leftovers from what they had for lunch.

    Each meal is different depending on the family, but one thing is for sure that rice is always present on the table.

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