July 09, 2021

Holy Week Superstitions in the Philippines

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  • Whether you’re a catholic or not, it’s better to observe superstitions in the Philippines as a sign of respect. From a culture passed down to the other — superstitions has also defined how colourful our culture is. Even in the modern world, Filipinos still believe in some superstitions – and here we listed some of those beliefs which may sound familiar to you.

    1. Observe Silence

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    If you grew up here in the Philippines, you’d probably remember your parents requesting you to not make unnecessary noises — and much better if you reflect during the lenten season.

    1. Wounds takes time to heal

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    During the holy week, you’re grandparents remind you that the wound inflicted on Good Friday usually takes a long time to heal.

    1. Do not take a bath on Good Friday

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    They say people should avoid taking a bath or doing laundries when clock strikes at 3 pm on Good Friday – but the church clarifies that a bath on Good Friday is no sin.

    1. Displaying your “palaspas” on your front door

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    Not usually considered as a superstition but a practice. Displaying the “palaspas” in your front doors is done during Palm Sunday to ward off evil spirits and bad luck.

    1. Refrain from Travelling

    Some traditional parents usually prefer to stay at home during the holy week because according to them, accidents are prone to anyone who travels on these days. They say evil spirits are stronger on Good Friday – mainly due to Christ’s passion and death.

    In an article published by Rappler, former Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Monsignor Pedro Quitorio III reminded the public not to focus too much on these superstitions during Holy Week.  “A person becomes a fool if his being a Christian is reduced to becoming superstitious. Our concentration should be on the gospel about the Passion of Christ,” he said.

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    Sources: Rappler, tenminutes.ph

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