November 26, 2016

Expats’ Guide to ACR I-Card Issuance and Renewal

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  • Every expat and would-be expat in the country has one thing they need to do every year: renew their Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card or ACR I-Card. It’s a microchip based, credit card-sized identification card issued to all foreigners who wish to stay in the Philippine for more than 59 days.





    It is issued by the Bureau of Immigration by virtue of Republic Act (R.A.) 562 or the Alien Registration Act of 1950. The process is relatively straightforward, albeit a bit tedious, and is done together with the application for a visa.

    An application has to be process before your 59 days of allowed stay under a temporary visa are up or within the first 60 days of the calendar year if you’re renewing your ACR I-Card; otherwise, you’ll face jail time, a fine, or deportation.

    It’s normally done at the same time you apply for a visa extension, but for those who would like to voluntarily apply for an ACR I-Card or renew theirs, here are the steps you need to take:

    1. Secure and fill out an application form (new and for renewal) and attach required documents (new and for renewal). Both forms can be downloaded through the Bureau of Immigration website.
    2. Submit application with complete requirements at Window 1 of the ACR I-Card Area at the Bureau of Immigration (BI) Main Office, located at Magallanes Dr., Intramuros, Manila.
    3. Upon submission, the BI will check their database for any derogatory records under your name.
    4. Once cleared, get an Order of Payment Slip (OPS).
    5. Pay the required fees at the cashier:
      • I-Card Fee: US$50
      • Express Fee: P500
    6. Submit a copy of the Official Receipt.
    7. Once your application has been approved, your ACR I-Card will be printed and a claim stub will be given to you.
    8. Present the claim stub to claim your ACR I-Card.

    Make sure you bring your ACR I-Card with you at all times. Losing your ACR I-Card will mean going through the application process and paying a $20 I-Card fee and P1,000 express fee.


    ACR I-card images grabbed from

    Source: Bureau of Immigration

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