May 17, 2023

Makati Aikido Club

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  • The urban pace and a stressful lifestyle weighing you down? Discover and live out the aikido philosophy, or the way of the harmonious spirit as it lets you imbibe serenity and focus while promoting fitness and wellness.

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    Learn this Japanese martial art at the Makati Aikido Club (MAC), a globally-recognized dojo right in the heart of the city. The institution is located in Salcedo Village Makati and offers high quality instruction and amenities. Its students come from all age brackets with the youngsters and adults classes strictly segregated.


    Headed by Dan Amaranto (5th dan Aikikai), the Chief Instructor and Dojo-cho of the MAC, The Makati Aikido Club (founded and in continuous operation since 1983) is recognized by Japan Aikikai world Aikido headquarters in Tokyo. The MAC is also a founding member of the Filipino Federation of Aikido (FFA), a nationwide Aikido organization.


    All ranks and promotions conferred by MAC are recognized worldwide and its roster of instructors has over 100 years of combined aikido experience. This experience and dojo recognition assures its students of safe, competently led, and appropriately paced learning.

    Over 2,000 aikido practitioners, from various nationalities and occupations have trained at the MAC since its founding. These have included professionals, diplomats, journalists, students, housewives, politicians, businessmen, and academics. MAC has at one time or another hosted Aikidoists from all the populated continents.


    The Dojo

    The Makati Aikido Club dojo is located in a secure space well away from the street, and protected 24 hours a day by trained security staff. The training hall is a well-ventilated space with a 22-foot-high ceiling. The training mat is a rectangle of 90 square meters.

    The Instructors

    • Dam Amaranto (5th dan Aikikai)

    • Billy de Leon (5th dan Aikikai)

    • R.S. Reyes (6th dan Aikikai)

    • Troy Nones (3rd dan Aikikai)

    • Giovanni Capannelli (5th dan Aikikai)

    The MAC is unusual in being emphatically non-commercial. Its instructors do not accept payment, preferring to practice and teach for love of the art.


    Facilities Fees & Others

    Per-session: PhP100/session

    Monthly: PhP900/month for unlimited sessions

    Annual member contribution: Php500/yr

    Phone, email, and walk-in inquiries are welcome.

    Address: L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati, Philippines

    Contact number: 890-1976 or 77 (office hours, Mon to Fri) Contacts: Frank, Marlene or Barbi




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