July 02, 2019

ASHA Aims to Shape World-Class Hospitality Leaders

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  • In its bid to improve the lives of those who aspire to be in the hotel and restaurant industry, the Asian School of Hospitality Arts (ASHA) has provided its students an avenue to hone their skills and prepare them for the real world.

    Founded in 2009, ASHA continuously fulfills its vision, carving its own name as a top training center for those who aspire to become globally competitive hospitality leaders of the future.

    Angelina Blanco, Dean and Director of Career Development and Placement in ASHA, bared that they have exposed their students to the real world over the last 10 years, immersing them into “high-quality training for them to be ready and fully-equipped.”

    Bridging the Gap in Hospitality

    As the country’s tourism industry continues to grow, the demand for services from these fields also increases. To fill in the gap, ASHA has been taking a holistic approach in providing hospitality education for years.

    From explaining theories, honing their skills, and instilling the right working attitude, ASHA, with its courses and training, trains students to be highly competitive.

    The recent graduates of ASHA with The Cravings Group CEO Marinela G. Trinidad (5th, seated), Susana P. Guerrero, president emeritus of Culinary Education Foundation (6th, seated), Dean Angie Blanco (4th, seated) and CCA Manila Chancellor for Education Dr. Veritas Luna (2nd from right, seated)

    “ASHA offers ‘a real world’ education, meaning what we teach is actually what’s really going on in the industry. Our instructors are industry practitioners. For example, we have an executive housekeeper who’s teaching housekeeping; we have an actual F&B manager who’s teaching food and beverage service,” Blanco said.

    The hospitality arts school currently offers both college and short courses in its two branches located in Antipolo and Quezon City. ASHA also offers two four-year courses, such as the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Hotel & Restaurant Management and BS Entrepreneurship, as well as a 2-year diploma course in hospitality management.

    It also provides certificate programs that can be taken for a year, such as Professional Cooking with Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Operations, Barista with Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Operations, and Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Operation.

    Aside from that, ASHA also gives back to the industry by helping professionals through its short courses. These courses focus on helping the staffs and officers of the hotels, restaurants, and resorts in all the areas of operations.

    Moving Forward and Beyond

    In its 10th year, ASHA was given the permission to operate at the Senior High School level, offering ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management) track and the technical vocational track in hospitality arts, which includes culinary, F&B service, housekeeping and front office.

    Further, the hospitality school has strengthened its partnerships with government agencies, including the Department of Tourism, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, and the Commission on Higher Education. ASHA has also kept strong ties with different private companies regarding internships abroad for its students.

    These committed partnerships have helped students to gain salaries during their on-the-job training for two to three months. A one-year internship with pay also awaits the students once they graduate, allowing them to land in quality jobs in the hospitality industry with at least 95 percent employment rate.

    Breed of New Leaders

    Consistent in its aim to produce quality graduates, ASHA has contributed to the country’s high employment rate, clearly bringing out “the best” from its students in a “healthy school environment.”

    Misha Musngi

    Although ASHA thrives in a small population, the school has maintained a small student-and-teacher ratio, which enables a more focus session in the classroom. ASHA makes sure that they are all fueled with dreams and passion, despite coming from different backgrounds.

    To vouch for the school’s good environment, Misha Musngi, a 35-year-old student from Batch 2019, said the school taught her to break the barriers and defy the odds in order to achieve one’s dreams.

    “I admit, the hospitality industry is a glamorous field and some industries are discriminating when it comes to age. But when I entered ASHA, I learned from Dean Angie that age is just a number. ASHA will help you pursue your dreams,” she said.

    Musngi, who once was a lost start, found her passion reignited when she entered ASHA.

    “I used to be a student from a university taking up commerce, but the fire was lost back then. It wasn’t for me. I went to different places to find that light once again,” she bared. “When I returned to the country, I saw my passion came back. Since the talk I had with Dean Angie, I got to love myself and also love more of what I am doing. I am very thankful.”

    Meanwhile, Marcial Pimentel, the recipient of ASHA’s Environmental Management System Award, also bragged a quite unique story he has experienced with the school.

    Marcial Pimentel

    Pimentel, who was once a medical technology student, altered his course and pursued hotel and restaurant management in the middle of the course. “I just felt that it wasn’t for me, so I went back to my first love and my passion which is for cooking,” Pimentel shared.

    Just like the story of everyone, Pimentel was able to save enough for the family and succeed in life. “Attitude will play a big role in success. Always be honest with yourself and follow your heart. Like from the lesson in culinary school, if you don’t want what you’re doing the results maybe half-baked. I also try to be the best version of myself, and do everything with integrity,” he shared.

    Eco-learning for a Sustainable Industry

    Moreover, ASHA, as a unique hotel and restaurant learning institution, is among the few hospitality arts schools in the world today that advocate an eco-friendly hoteliership. Its business is anchored on a very dynamic Environmental Management System that continuously undertakes green initiatives for the tourism, hotel, and restaurant industry.

    ASHA has also become a pillar of hospitality arts education that pivots toward environment-focused practices embraced by every student, faculty member, and administrator. Its past and the future ahead have been etched at the very heart of Mother Earth.

    Enrollment is ongoing! For more information, visit their official website or you may call at 02-928-2641/02-570-9246. For updates, follow them on Facebook.

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