January 07, 2017

Basic English Camp in Laguna

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  • For expats who want to learn English in the Philippines, Basic English Camp in Laguna is definitely the best place to improve their skills in reading, speaking, and comprehension of the English language.


    Basic English Camp was established by a Japanese manager in order to help those who want to learn English by using an ‘exercise-centered training’ method.

    There are different kinds of training available here including one-on-one and group sessions as well as special training, like the word seminar: 30-day word challenge and the special option syllable class.

    In the special option syllable class, students will be able to enhance their English pronunciation and listening skill by learning the syllables.

    Meanwhile, the word seminar is conducted by a Japanese instructor where students will learn 1,000 English words within 30 days.

    Up-to-date, English Basic Camp has been assisting mostly Japanese and Taiwanese students in their pursuit to achieve fluency in the English language.

    For application inquiries, please send an e-mail to basicenglishcampinc@gmail.com, visit english-bec.com or call 02-877-1863.


    Address:  #53, F Balagtas St, Chrysanthemum Village, San Pedro City, Laguna

    Contact Number: 02-877-1863

    Website: english-bec.com

    E-mail: basicenglishcampinc@gmail.com

    Facebook: Basic English Camp, Inc.

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