April 29, 2016

Expert, affordable and flexible online English tutoring at FilipinoTutor.Com

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  • English has always been a global language. It’s the main language used in business transactions, and English proficiency has always been seen as a hallmark for success. For Japanese students, FilipinoTutor.com can help you in achieving your English language goals.



    LEARN ENGLISH NOW! Photo courtesy of FilipinoTutor.com Facebook page


    FilipinoTutor.com specializes in Business English, offering a full range of courses to students of all levels including pronunciation practice, vocabulary building, as well as basic and advanced grammar. They also offer English for Young Learners, TOEFL, ESL, and TOEIC. Each lesson lasts for only 25 minutes.

    Students have the freedom to take lessons on their preferred time and date to accommodate their lifestyle and availability. You can also choose to enroll in a full course and select specific lessons that suit their needs, interests and learning progress. You can even choose a new instructor or course schedule, or cancel a course.

    All FilipinoTutor.com instructors are passionate about education and have completed an English Linguistics and Communication Studies degree from leading universities in the Philippines. They have a record of proven experience, providing quality instruction on all levels of learning. They ensure a friendly approach, enabling students to enjoy the learning process while improving their skills.

    “Realizing the worldwide demand for strong English language skills, we are thrilled to offer Japanese students with accessible, personalized English tutoring,” shares Mai Bansagan, Vice President of Operations. “Our team of professional, qualified tutors and supervisors provides strategic, flexible training through the latest online technology. We make learning English accessible, fun and easy to achieve. You will not be disappointed.”

    With their dedication to becoming the foremost e-tutoring service in Asia, FilipinoTutor.com gives its students premium learning at affordable prices. Enroll today for free and get two free trial lessons.

    To enroll or get more information, please visit FilipinoTutor.com. You can also call them at 046-432-9038 or email inquire@filipinotutor.com. You can also follow them on Facebook (FilipinoTutor.com).

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