July 06, 2023

L!FE Yoga Center: Yoga. Music. Food. (CLOSED)

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  • A journey to nourishing one’s body, mind and soul

    Fitness and yoga studios are a dime-a-dozen in fitness-conscious Manila, but in the fray comes another young player in the market, with a unique and refreshing take to the science and art of wellness.

    L!FE Yoga Center, a haven for those who wish to embark on a journey to wellness for their body, mind and soul recently opened at the new ForbesTown mall located within the Burgos Circle’s burgeoning enclave in Bonifacio Global City.

    Noelle Rodriguez, President_LIFE_re

    Noelle Rodriguez, president of L!FE Yoga Center shares that L!FE celebrates everything that’s whole, healthy, wholesome and fun.

    More than just a yoga center, L!FE differentiates itself by offering a modern, artistic and cool approach to yoga, aiming to demystify its practice and make it less intimidating to those might be curious but are just too afraid to try it. “We want to remove the notion that yoga should be all serious and mystifying, serene and quiet. We want to make it young, hip and cool,” shares Noelle Rodriguez, president of L!FE.

    Life Yoga Center_Forbes Town_re

    L!FE offers more than yoga and hopes to bring a holistic, fun approach to wellness to its patrons

    Aside from yoga, L!FE positions itself as a place to appreciate good music, amazing (and healthy) food, hip yoga classes and take a look—even acquire—fine piece of art through the numerous art pieces on display at Vibe Café, which is adjacent to the L!FE Yoga Center. Individuals can also buy yoga paraphernalia and equipment, as well as peruse precious stones turned into necklaces.

    The brain child of seven like-minded individuals who came together to establish a unique take on their shared passion for yoga, L!FE offers creatively crafted yoga lessons, all incorporated to music and made more approachable by Noelle and a roster of 35 yoga teachers, currently in rotation.

    L!FE currently offers six types of classes: Ash Asana which is a more traditional kind of yoga; Hot Beat, a variation of the Bikram; Feel Good Flow, which focuses on breath-synchronized movements; Rock N Flow, a more powerful energetic form of yoga; Goin’ Yin, which is perfect in improving circulation and Spiritual Warrior, a fully-balanced class which incorporates chanting. While the names can be a bit intimidating, Rodriguez assures that classes are L!FE are usually beginner-friendly. To catch the interest of the curious, L!FE will offer within the month Yoginners classes which is the best match for newbies. “Our programs show a modern approach to yoga, one that will not intimidate children,” adds Rodriguez.  

    Yoga Studio_re

    An airy and unique yoga studio

    The studio can accommodate 25 students per class and even dabbles as an art gallery on occasion. In fact, L!FE recently hosted an ARTAPALOOZA, where some of the country’s most talented creative types have shown their artwork.

    For rates or to know more about L!FE, go to www.lifeyogacenter.com.

    L!FE Yoga Center

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lifeyogafoodmusic

    Instagram: @life.yoga

    Address; R205, Eight Forbestown Road, BGC Taguig

    Tel: (02) 239-0390

    Photos and article by Melanie M. Suzon

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