December 10, 2015

Polecats Manila: Weight Loss by Defying Gravity

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  • There is no doubt that pole dancing has become popular in the Philippines. It is known for its novel approach on fitness and its delivery when it comes to weight loss, as attested by several pole dance enthusiasts across the metro. Can you believe that a student can lose 10 pounds with regular training in just a few weeks? Can you believe that age does not matter when it comes to this art? Yes, even a 60-year old can do this with proper training!

    So if you want to try this workout, Polecats Manila can help you out!

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    Polecats Manila offers various classes on aerial arts including, but not limited to, pole dance. Their main branch, found at 22nd floor Strata 100 in Ortigas, has classes designed for beginners, intermediate students, moms and men. They also offer classes on Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silk and Striptease!

    The following is an excerpt taken from their official website regarding the classes they offer. For more details, please click here.

    POLE  BEGINNERS 1 – For Women
    Pole Fundamentals
    Students will learn the foundations of pole dancing in this class. Basic spins, transitions, and climbs will be taught, leading to simple tricks on the pole. Students will eventually do simple inverts.

    POLE BEGINNERS 2 – For Women
    Students will continue to work on the foundations learned from Beginners 1, and will continue with combination spins and climb variations. Students will also learn more inverts and trick combinations. Class ends with a pole routine.

    POLE PLAY – For Women
    Learn the basics of pole dancing in a relaxed environment. Spin, climb and move into tricks at an enjoyable pace. Expect a short dance routine to combine what you learn at the end of each session. The most important part: have fun and play around with the pole!

    Students will learn spins using different grips, plus more complicated spins. Students will also learn more challenging inverts, mounts, and combinations. Students also learn how to develop their own dancing style.

    POLE  MIXED LEVEL – For Men and Women
    Our open-level class. Beginners 2, Intermediate and Men’s Pole Fitness students are welcome.
    Students will be able to focus on certain tricks they want to work on. Classes may also be theme-based with classes focusing on either flexibility or strength training.

    POLE FLOW – MIXED LEVEL – For Men and Women 
    Want to take your routines to the next level? Learn how to move around the pole and on floor with fluidity, seamless transitioning, create conceptual routines, and go deeper into your pole personas. Open to all levels.

    POLE DANCE – MIXED LEVEL – For Men and Women 
    Become a more well-rounded pole dancer with this new class at Polecats Manila! This class will focus on choreography, with routines that will improve on your movement, coordination and confidence on the pole.

    POLE MOMS AND MORE – For Women 
    If you’ve got a busy schedule and want a slower, more focused pace of pole fitness, then this class is for you! We’ll take our time getting to know each spin, trick, transition and invert, without pressure but with all the fun.

    SPINNING POLE – MIXED LEVEL – For Men and Women (No first timers) 
    It’s your pole class amped up on a spinning pole! Students will learn how to control their momentum and speed while doing tricks on spinny. Learn safety techniques, spiny moves and spinny combinations. A simple spinny number will end the class.

    POLE IN HEELS – MIXED LEVEL – For Women (No first timers) 
    Pole dancing in heels is very sexy, but also very challenging. In this class, students will learn how to comfortably and confidently perform in a pair of heels. Class will start with specific warm up exercises that target the ankles, feet, and improve core strength and balance. Students will learn a choreographed number at the end of class.

    This class caters to men, and incorporates moves from Chinese pole. The class is geared more towards acrobatics and strength and endurance training. Open to all levels.

    AERIAL HOOP – MIXED – For Men and Women 
    Students will learn the basics of aerial hoop– mounts, and simple tricks. Students will learn how to connect these tricks into a simple routine. Class starts with aerial conditioning to develop the strength for the more intermediate moves.

    AERIAL SILK – MIXED – For Men and Women 
    Bring your workout up in the air with our Aerial Silk classes. Students will learn the foundations of aerial silks, with simple standing and seated moves, and some basic inverts. Class starts with aerial conditioning to build up the necessary strength for the more intermediate moves.

    Unleash your sensual side!
    Using various costumes, students learn a fun simple striptease routine. All levels welcome.

    FLEXIBILITY – MIXED LEVEL – For Men and Women 
    This class is designed to improve the students’ flexibility and range of motion. Each class will focus on a specific body part– shoulders, back, hips. A perfect complement to pole classes for prettier lines and effortless tricks.

    CONDITIONING – MIXED LEVEL – For Men and Women 
    The strengthening class. The students will perform exercises that strengthen body parts that are crucial to pole dancing. This class will be beneficial especially for tricks that require upper body and core strength. Inverts and mounts will be so much easier with this class.

    Also called our sexy pole class. Students learn a choreographed sensual number, with a bit of pole thrown in. All levels welcome, from Beginners 1 to Int 2 students.

    If you are far away from Ortigas, you can also take their classes at their other branches. They offer some of these classes at 360 Fitness Club in Makati, The Fort, Timog, Katipunan and Alabang.

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    For more information, you can contact them at

    Address: 22nd Floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald), Ortigas, Pasig City
    Phone Numbers:
    Classes: +63 (917) 700-7653
    Gigs: +63 (917) 701-7653
    Landline: +63 (2) 631-0818


    Article by Rizza Singun

    Photos from Hannah Villasis, Polecats Manila

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