December 2020

Year-Starter: Grazing Boxes and Home Appliances

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  • Year-Starter: Grazing Boxes and Home Appliances
  • Year-Starter: Grazing Boxes and Home Appliances

    New Year means new ways of making life at home, even better and easier. In the first month of the new year, Philippine Primer brings you a list of handy home appliances and the trendy must-buy gadgets and machines that you never thought you’d need to keep your house clean and entertaining all-year-round!

    Of course, what’s a new year without at least a simple celebration? We also listed some of the best Grazing Boxes in the Metro that you can check out either for holiday gifts or your home party celebrations! 

    Grazing Boxes for Holiday Gatherings

    Grazing Boxes are always a buzz every holiday season and what better way to start the new year than celebrating simple moments at home with some good Grazing Boxes personalized according to your liking. Whether for home celebrations or seasons greeting gifts for your friends and families, these boxes of goodies will never go out of style, may it be for the holiday season or not.

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    Home Appliances for the New Year, New Normal

    Home appliances are handy companions in making household functions like cleaning and cooking much easier. While every appliance—small or big, has its own unique uses and functions, they are undoubtedly essential in making sure that the household is as clean, neat, and entertaining as it can be.

    In this issue, Philippine Primer compiled some must-have essential home appliances for every household, starting from the basic ones up to the most popular appliances you never thought you would need at home including some disinfection appliances for the new normal!

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