November 18, 2022

Festival of Lights Is Back Live and On-Ground at Ayala Triangle Gardens

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  • Festival of Lights Is Back Live and On-Ground at Ayala Triangle Gardens
  • Ayala Land makes Christmas happen with the return of Festival of Lights 2022! After running virtual editions of the Festival of Lights to continue the well-loved tradition while ensuring safety during the pandemic, the most anticipated family Christmas tradition is back LIVE and ON-GROUND at Ayala Triangle Gardens with never-before-seen features to usher a BIGGER and BRIGHTER celebration.

    It now includes a festive projection on the canopy facade of Ayala Triangle Gardens featuring holiday icons / IMAGE from Make It Makati

    Bobby Dy, Ayala Land President and CEO, shares, “The Festival of Lights is more than just a visual spectacle and delightful sounds. It is a well-loved annual tradition that has enabled us to connect with the community in a very unique way. It has brought joy to millions as it brings together people from all walks of life and from all over the country.”
    In partnership with Kroma and Acid House, Ayala Land begins the affair with a fun and quirky introduction to the actual Light Show. Aimed to build a celebratory vibe by creating excitement in light the two-year pause, the intro video—following the idea of “The Christmas Lights Factory”—suggests that Santa and the elves are working hard to bring the Light Show back.

    Projected on the canopy façade, everyone gathered at Ayala Triangle Gardens will catch the elves as they prepare the Christmas lights machine to work. As soon as it does, the machine produces lights of various shapes, colors, and sizes. The elves, then, pick these up and transport each element from the screen to the trees surrounding ATG. It ends with Santa with a powerful switch that turns everything on, ready for the Light Show.

    Makati makes Christmas happen with the return of the Festival of Lights, live at Ayala Triangle Gardens/ IMAGE from Make It Makati

    Director Ohm David and Lighting Designer Sueyen Austero conceptualized this year’s grand presentation. As Christmas tunes play, visuals will be projected on the trees around ATG. It begins with moving constellations that slowly form colorful indigenous patterns to tell the story of creation. As the scene builds, the screen blacks out then reveals stars, halos, parols, and other festive icons, which then merge to form a kaleidoscope of images. Moving and turning, it will
    ultimately end with an explosion of colors.

    Accompanying the light show are three holiday medleys. The first is an orchestral rendition headed by the Manila Symphony Orchestra, followed by an upbeat TikTok rendition arranged by Jazz Nicolas and Mikey Amistoso, in collaboration with Tris Suguitan. The show concludes with a soothing chorale rendition by Jazz Nicolas and Mikey Amistoso.

    IMAGE from Make It Makati

    The Festival of Lights has been globally recognized as as one of the best Christmas displays in the world, with many awards and citations received over the years. Bobby Dy furthers, “It’s a platform to showcase the Filipino talent. Together with our team, select Filipino designers, musical composers, and many local artists, have worked together to create this one-of-a-kind original show.”

    Honorable Abby Binay, Mayor of Makati, muses, “The lights in Ayala Triangle have always been a symbol of hope, bringing people together and symbolizing the community spirit, which makes our city so unique. As we prepare for the Christmas festivities, let us all remember to keep that spirit alive and continue working towards a better and brighter future. In Makati, we make it happen.”

    IMAGE from Make It Makati

    Everyone is invited to watch the Festival of Lights at Ayala Triangle Gardens running every night until January 8, 2023. The show plays every hour, with the first run at 6pm and last run at 10pm.

    More to come

    Ayala Land and Make It Makati is bringing back the kind of Christmas we all love and miss. With more upcoming events and festive displays, Makatizens can expect exciting reunions with loved ones this December and beyond.

    IMAGE from Make It Makati

    Watch out! More to come are Ayala Land’s Christmas Market at Ayala Triangle Gardens on December 2 to 31 in partnership with the French Embassy; Simbang Gabi at Ayala Triangle Gardens on December 15 to 23 featuring a live performance by the Philippine Youth Symphonic Band on the opening night; and the Samsung Performing Arts Theater’s Christmas Extravaganza on December 20 to 22 featuring Simbang Gabi services and free-for-all concerts for any purchase receipt at Ayala Malls Circuit.

    For more updates visit Ayala Land’s website  and via social media on Facebook, and Instagram as well as Make It Makati on Facebook and Instagram.

    This is a press release. Minor edits were made prior to publishing.

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