October 05, 2022

LIST: 5 Safe and Effective Job Search Engines for Job Seekers and Freelancers in the Philippines

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  • The world wide web has given newly grads and other job seekers a vast array of opportunities when it comes to searching for the right job that fits their preferences. It’s not to say that it eliminates the challenges of job seeking; but it helps, especially for those who prefer online jobs or remote work.

    With various job search engines available, we narrowed down your options to help you. Here are the top five on our list!

    Available for download on Google Play and App Store

    IMAGE from Unsplash

    Creating a LinkedIn account is perhaps the next, obvious step after writing your resume. LinkedIn helps people connect with like-minded individuals all over the world. Think Facebook, but catered to professionals across seemingly countless fields and industries. In fact, people have reportedly received messages directly from interested employers through this platform.

    Moreover, LinkedIn allows you to develop your skills while waiting for that call. Through its brief video online courses, job seekers and even students may learn everything— from editing using Lightroom to developing your self-esteem.

    Available for download on Google Play and App Store

    SCREENSHOT from App Store

    JobStreet is arguably one of the biggest online employment platforms in Southeast Asia. It is a friendly space especially for first-time job seekers who want to keep their options open when it comes to employment in the Philippines. With JobStreet, you can build your profile including your educational background, skills, and even your preferred salary.

    The online employment platform also lets you see a background of those who applied for the same position as you, an added helpful feature for job seekers.

    Available for download on Google Play and App Store

    SCREENSHOT  from App Store

    If you are to venture into freelancing, Upwork might just be the best place to go. Aptly called “the world’s work marketplace,” Upwork lets international and local clients look for like-minded and talented individuals all across the world to cater to specific needs of their businesses or projects.

    This is an ideal place especially for designers, writers, and other artists seeking to expand their horizons. Real-time payments can also be received through the application.

    Available for download on Google Play and App Store

    SCREENSHOT from jobseeker.kalibrr.com

    Visiting your job board at Kalibrr after signing up leads you to what they call now as “remote job filters”. These filters are specifically made for job seekers who desire to work-from-home (or on a beach while watching the sunset).

    Whether its work full time, part time, freelance, or contractual, Kalibrr lets you choose. It’s their way of making things easier for those who want to find remote work more efficiently.

    E-mail Address: job.info@primer.ph

    SCREENSHOT from jobprimer.com.ph

    Sometimes, a search engine’s let-down is in its overly intricate interface. This is one of the challenges a job seeker encounters online. However, if you are looking for a user-friendly and simple job search engine, JobPrimer can be your best bet. It is supported by YNS PHILIPPINES INC that brings Japan-quality IT services to the country.

    Unlike other job search engines, JobPrimer is originally established in the Philippines. It provides a guide to both job seekers and employers to easily navigate through the job search engine.

    Featured image from unsplash.com.

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