September 21, 2022

Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Rebirth

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  • Rebirth. This was the theme of Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. in its 25th anniversary celebration at the Conrad Manila Hotel in Pasay City on August 25, 2022. This highlights Canon Philippines’ desire to create and provide new value for its customers while honoring the past.

    IMAGE from Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc.

    The event was attended by various personalities including Canon Asia Group’s General Manager in Beijing, Canon Marketing Asia’s Chief Operations Officer in Singapore, former Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc.’s President Kazuhiro Ozawa, and current President Anuj Aggarwal, who also gave their speeches during the event.

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    IMAGE from Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc.

    Known for its reputation in manufacturing an extensive line of high quality cameras, scanners, copiers, and printers, Canon Philippines has been a household name for various photography needs since 1996. It has been known for its slogan, “Delighting You Always” and its kyosei philosophy that seeks to build a harmonious community for the future and for the common good of the people.

    IMAGE from Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc.

    Now, Canon Philippines continues its journey to delighting everyone— from ordinary individuals to large-scale corporations— through its “total imaging solutions” that aim to enrich the lives of people.

    Featured images from Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. 

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