August 14, 2022

Discover More About Coffee at Shangri-La Plaza

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  • One of the most popular drinks ever created, coffee is even more popular than alcohol. So, it isn’t surprising that many people around the world have never skipped a day without drinking a cup. There could be a thousand reasons why most love coffee, and Shangri-La Plaza is counting down some of the ways and listing all the places coffee lovers can get and savor a cup or two of their favorite beverage!

    IMAGE from Shangri-La Plaza

    The best social drink. Whenever people ask each other to catch up, it’s always over a cup of coffee. Even over meetings, brainstorming sessions, or getting to know someone new, coffee and cozy coffee shops are favored. There are many go-to stops at the Shang for anything from productive discussions to long, lovely conversations.

    Toby’s Estate (L2 Main Wing) is a fave among many with cafes that feature a unique design that allow each place an identity that aligns with its community, but always has fresh, natural, and warm elements. While there, savor some of their offerings from long black to flat white, or straight up get a single or double at their espresso bar. 26th Street Bistro by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (L5 East Wing) has a wonderful space conducive to hanging out, and delicious drinks that everyone keeps coming back for, including popular vanilla latte, caramel ice blended, and ultimate mocha.

    Darker tones and a sleek design make Bo’s Coffee Primo (L3 Main Wing) a great spot to chill. The brand supports local coffee farmers and social enterprises, so drinking their homegrown brews and signatures like the cold white brew and iced creamy latte allows everyone to help as well.

    Coffee checks all boxes too when it comes to rounding out a meal and lingering after. Café Lyon (L1 Main Wing) has a pretty extensive beverage list. Savor a macchiato or get something dessert-like such as an affogato once done enjoying their hot dishes or French-inspired menu items. Duck & Buvette (L2 Main Wing) has brought Intelligentsia coffee to Manila. Try this coffee from Chicago, Illinois, hailed as one of the big three leaders of the third wave coffee movement, after a scrumptious French countryside meal.

    IMAGE from Pexels

    Everyone loves the homey and comfy atmosphere and yummy comfort food of Mary Grace Café (L4 Main Wing), and what better way to relax a bit longer than getting a cup of their muscovado cappuccino. Lemongrass (L1 Main Wing) offers rich and flavorful Vietnamese coffee, a satisfying way to close off lunch or dinner.

    A delicious way to perk up! Caffeine is a natural stimulant, and helps increase alertness and provide a boost during the daily grind. It’s easy to drop by and grab a cup of coffee –and throw in a yummy snack too! Auntie Anne’s (L5 Main Wing) is famous for its pretzels but offer delicious hot brewed coffee roasted by Figaro as well.

    Doughnuts and coffee are classic pairing, and one will not want for choice at these quick stops at the Shang. Cello’s Doughnuts (L5 Main Wing) has every brew from Gibraltar to a dirty latte, while Dunkin’ Donuts (LG Main Wing) is as well known for their doughnuts as their coffee – nab an extra-large iced coffee for a long afternoon. Krispy Kreme (L1 Main Wing) has quite a line-up of coffee offerings to match with their doughnut creations like signature blends and cold brew.

    Remember all those secret Starbucks (L6 Main Wing) drinks? Fans’ dedication and baristas’ willingness to be inventive have spawned a not-so-secret menu with everything from caramel snickerdoodle macchiato to a Harry Potter butterbeer-inspired frappuccino. Figaro Coffee (L5 Main Wing) not only serves coffee made from freshly-roasted beans sourced all over the country, but also shares the art of European coffee culture to Filipinos, including latte art. This pioneering brand has been holding annual latte art competitions as part of its goal of bringing Filipino coffee to the world.

    IMAGE from Pexels

    Discover more about coffee as a #DealightfulAugustAtTheShang continues with #MeantToBean. #LifeBeginsAtCoffee and coffee nerds and enthusiasts can shout out their love even more by commenting and sharing in Shang’s social media platforms.

    For updates and inquiries, follow Shangri-La Plaza on Facebook and on Instagram @shangrilaplazaofficial.

    This is a press release. Minor edits were made prior to publishing.

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