November 12, 2021

Celebrate Pocky Day and Win Amazing Prizes at the #PockyShareYourHappiness Contest!

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  • Celebrate Pocky Day and Win Amazing Prizes at the #PockyShareYourHappiness Contest!
  • Pocky is arguably Japan’s most recognizable snack. You’ll practically see these everywhere: in grocery aisles, anime conventions, fairs, and many more. The concept is simple: it’s a delicious bread stick dipped in a variety of flavors and colors that can be easily snacked on.

    Every 11th of November (11/11), Japan goes crazy as they celebrate Pocky Day because ones = sticks.

    IMAGE from Pocky PH Facebook page

    Celebrating Pocky Day is both fun and delicious, especially if you have access to a wide variety of flavors. From classics such as plain old chocolate and vanilla to more eclectic ones like pumpkin apple and crystal salt. These Japanese goodies truly can be anything, and there are countless other flavors to be tried as well. So get your friends together and have them bring a few different flavors as you snack on them like Pocky crazy!

    Happy 11.11! It’s officially Pocky day. Today we’re celebrating everything that makes us happy!

    In line with this, we’re inviting you to join #PockyShareYourHappiness Contest by recreating this 11/11 template with whatever puts a smile on your face. It can be a dessert, a puppy, or a hobby–anything! Just make sure to include the 11/11 Pocky sticks.

    Here’s how to join:

    1. Think of what makes you happy and recreate the Pocky 11.11 template with it! Get creative and make sure the Pocky sticks are forming an “11.11”.

    2. Upload your entry in the comments and use the hashtag #PockyShareYourHappiness.

    3. Keep sending your entries from Nov 11-25.

    IMAGES from Pocky PH Facebook page

    11 winners of Pocky gift packs and cash prizes will be named on Nov 30 on the Pocky PH Facebook page! Good luck!

    To see the full terms and conditions, check Pocky’s official mechanics post on their Facebook page.

    IMAGE from Pocky PH Facebook page

    In the event that the winnner choooses not to accept a prize, did not respond nore submit necessary requirements via private message, they forfeit any claims to that prize at the sole discretion of Glico PH and its agency; Dentsu Jayme Syfu with the approval of FDA.

    Glico PH and its agency, Dentsu Jayme Syfu, are not responsible for the winner’s usage of the monetary and/or Pocky prizes once they have been received by them.

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