November 09, 2021

How to Restart Your Fitness Journey after a Long Break

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  • If you took or are still taking a long break from exercise due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone.

    The inconvenience, uncertainty, and stress we’ve been facing since 2020, along with the closure of gyms and fitness ruined a lot of people’s workout routines. Getting sick from COVID-19 and the very concept of social distancing have also limited one’s ability to engage in physical activities.

    Fortunately, as vaccines rollouts continue and restrictions are gradually easing here in the Philippines, countless gym rats and fitness enthusiasts are now itching to get back into shape again.

    However, there are some things one should be mindful of while restarting their #roadtobeachbod journey.

    Below are some tips for you from the pros at the Orange Fitness Club in Makati if you’re planning to hit a gym soon.

    Ease Back into Exercise

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    No matter how fit you are —or were— if you’ve spent a period of time out of a routine, it’s important to slowly work back up to your original set of activities.

    The key to returning is to take things slowly as you return to your old routine.

    For example, for someone who used to run a lot, it is recommended to have interval training or jogging twice or thrice a week along with low-impact workouts like yoga on other days of the week. In addition to building endurance, cross-training also helps prevent injury.

    Strength training also plays an important role in getting back to exercise safely, as weakened muscles may cause body pain.

    If you ever pushed yourself too hard and get injured, take a much-need rest.

    During that time, you can still do other types of exercise. However, if the injury doesn’t get any better within a week, you must consult your doctor right away.

    Set Goals and Manage Your Expectations

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    One way to motivate yourself is by setting realistic goals that you can work on and achieve one by one.

    For example, if you’re doing push-ups, you can start by doing reps that’s manageable for you on a specific time, then try to gradually increase that number as time goes on. The same principle can also be applied to any kind of physical activity, such as jogging or lifting weights.

    If you like to exercise at night, it can be a great way to blow off steam. If you like to knock out your workouts in the morning, you may start off your day with some light exercise.

    Break Your Sessions Up

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    Exercising doesn’t always mean dedicating an uninterrupted amount of time to do a particular physical activity. In fact, there are benefits to shorter drills.

    Visualize shorter workouts as “snacks,” rather than a large “meal” that you’d get from a longer workout. In the end, multiple exercise sessions throughout the day might add up to a longer one.

    Don’t pat yourself on the back if you only manage to get a single session, though. After all, a 30-minute workout is a lot better than not exercising at all.

    Workout in a Safe Place

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    Exercise can make us stronger and more confident but for a lot of people, specially before the pandemic, it was also an opportunity to socialize: at the gym or in a yoga class, for instance. For those missing this part, it’s no wonder it’s tough to stick with an exercise routine. Alone.

    If you live in a place where it’s safe to exercise at a gym or in a public space, and you’re comfortable doing so with the right health and safety protocols, check out what options are available. Some gyms and fitness trainers are also offering outdoor classes. You can ask them if they are offering virtual classes that will allow you to interact with instructors or other gym members online.

    Motivate Yourself

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    If you haven’t worked out in a while, doing so can sometimes feel like a minor inconvenience. After all, it’s easy to act like you’re lazy for not getting it done. If you struggle with this mindset, experts suggest reframing exercise as an enjoyable activity that you look forward to. Self-talk related to exercise definitely affects one’s mindset. That’s why reminding oneself with things such as “I didn’t exercise yesterday. I’m so lazy,’ is important to improve motivation.

    Additionally, you may want to look into finding a workout partner to stay engaged and motivated.

    Restart your Fitness Journey at Orange Fitness Club

    IMAGE from Orange Fitness Club

    Get training tips, fitness advice, and workout routines from the pros at Orange Fitness Club in Makati and start building muscles to transform your body today!

    With the help of the in-house Japanese fitness coaches, you’ll get the sexy and fit body you’ve always dreamed of in no time. So get your game face on, hit Orange Fitness Club, and work that body out to become a stronger, fitter, sexier version of you.

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    Business hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
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