March 18, 2021

Uniform Policy Against Single-Use Plastics To Ease PH Pollution Problem

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  • Uniform Policy Against Single-Use Plastics To Ease PH Pollution Problem
  • Climate Change Commission (CCC) Commissioner Rachel Anne Herrera urged the need to uniform the policies against single-use plastics (SUPs) nationwide to address pollution.

    In her recent statement, Herrera emphasized that the problem is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed immediately. “I think it’s urgent there should be a national policy on this,” she said.

    While there are 489 cities, municipalities, and provinces in the country that already have respective SUP-related ordinances, the unified policy will flatten the complex issue from one city to another. Although there are some good policies that may be covering different kinds of SUPs, this may not be the case in some areas.

    For example, goods and products that coming from provinces might have a lenient policy against SUPs. So whenever they deliver goods in some areas that have a rigid policy, it can cause a conflict of interest.

    “There should be uniform, unified, collaborative approach so everyone gets benefits of the plastics regulation or ban,” she added.

    Among common SUPs are plastic grocery bags, bottles, straws, containers, cups, cutlery as well as packaging for food and other merchandise.

    Plastic Bottle/IMAGE from Unsplash

    Tackling Plastic Pollution

    Meanwhile, Tackling Plastic Pollution is the theme of this year’s World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD), an annual President John F. Kennedy-inspired observance that puts the spotlight on consumers’ power, rights, and needs.

    Last March 15, Consumers International (CI), the global consumer group membership organization that announced such a theme, help to raise awareness about plastic pollution. It aims to engage the world’s consumers in adopting and promoting sustainable practices to help address such problems.

    “Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet,” CI Director-General Helena Leurent said in her 2021 WCRD message.

    She pointed out the importance of global action toward this pressing issue because we only have one planet to live on. According to recent studies, sachet packages are among the top SUPs polluting the country.

    This is a serious problem that has a domino effect. SUPs like sachet packages are often seen in polluted water. They have microplastics that can be eaten by fish and other sea creatures. Unaware of this kind of situation, people can be easily poisoned by eating a fish containing contaminated fragments.

    By 2050, there may be more plastics than fish in oceans already.

    Source: Philippine News Agency

    Written by Cedie Salido

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