February 03, 2021

Makati Central Square: Heaven for Japanese Feast

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  • Makati Central Square is one of the oldest and pioneer malls in the city of Makati, it is also a place for a Japanese food adventure. You can explore numerous restaurants that offer different authentic Japanese cuisines such as Manmaru, Yakiniku, Akitaya, and more.

    Kenshin Japanese Izakaya Restaurant

    Izakaya Kenshin Takiniku Nabe/IMAGE by Philippine Primer

    Kenshin/IMAGE by Philippine Primer 

    It is a popular Japanese restaurant that serves a quality yet affordable menu. You can try their Wagyu Takiniku Nabe (Php2,899) with Omi beef that is good for 3 to 4 pax, and it’s limited to this branch. It is a specialty dish of Hakata made of cabbage, green onions, and thin meat placed in a donut-shaped pot. The center of the pot is filled with beef tail soup.  You can also order a more affordable US Takiniku Nabe (Php769) that uses US Beef (this one is available at all the branches).

    Address: 1/F
    Phone: 0917-535-1046
    Business Hours: 11: 00 am – 9: 00 pm (Sun-Thu), 11:00 am – 11: 00 pm (Fri to Sat)
    Facebook: kenshinmakatisquare 
    Card: Accepted
    Cashless payment: Accepted
    Smoking: Non-smoking


    Yakiniku Kenshin 

    Yakiniku Kenshin/IMAGE by Philippine Primer

    Yakiniku is an affordable yakiniku restaurant that opened last January 2019. They offer a wide range of delicious, yet affordable Japanese dishes. They also have a sauce bar where you can pick your own sauce in a combination of the meat you want. 

     Address:   1/F
    Phone:   0917-103-5727
    Business Hours:  11:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Card: Unavailable
    Cashless payment:  Accepted
    Smoking: Non-smoking



    Unakichi/IMAGE by Philippine Primer

    If you’re looking for a restaurant specializing in eel dishes in Makati, Unakichi is the place to go to. They serve authentic, yet affordable eel dishes such as Unadon (Php590), Unajyu Jo (Php980), and Unajyu Gokujo (Pph1,580).  Other menus are equally delicious and they have a wide variety of Japanese dishes including tempura.

    Address: 1/F
    Phone: 02-7728-2072
    Business Hours: 11: 00-2:00 pm /5:00 pm – 8: 30 pm
    Facebook: UNAKICHIMAKATI  
    Card:  Accepted
    Cashless payment: Accepted
    Smoking: Non-smoking


    Sakura Yakiniku

    Sakura Yakiniku/IMAGE by Philippine Primer

    Opened in September 2020, Sakura Yakiniku uses US and Japanese beef in their dishes. There are a plethora of affordable Japanese staples to enjoy aside from yakiniku. Prices start around Php300.

    Address: G14
    Phone: 02-8844-4427
    Business Hours: 11:00 am – 1:30 pm / 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    Card: Accepted
    Cashless payment: Unavailable
    Smoking: Non-smoking


    Japanese Izakaya Restaurant Manmaru

    Manmaru/IMAGE by Philippine Primer

    Manmaru offers more than 200 kinds of dishes with the concept of stop, eat, and drink quickly! It has an izakaya area and a VIP area and boasts a spacious interior with a total of 170 seats.

    Address:  1/F
    Phone: 02-8254-3170/0917-624-9988
    Business Hours:  11:00 am – 11:00 pm
    Facebook:   Manmaru Japanese Restaurant-Philippines
    Website:   www.eat-factory.com
    Card:  Accepted
    Cashless payment: Unavailable
    Smoking:  Non-smoking


    Akitaya Japanese Restaurant

    Akitaya/IMAGE by Philippine Primer

    Akitaya Kirintanpo Nabe/IMAGE by Philippine Primer

    This establishment in Mile Long offers Akita staples to its customers. Kiritanpo Nabe, a hotpot originally from Akita made with chicken and vegetables, is highly recommended.   Karashina Chirashi Maki(Php 550), a maki rolled with mustard greens instead of nori, is also worth trying.  

    Address:   Mezzanine 1
    Phone: 02-8247-1591
    Business Hours: 11:00 am- 2:00 pm / 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm  
    Facebook: akitaya18  
    Card: Accepted
    Cashless payment: Accepted
    Smoking: Designated smoking available 


    Manpuku Steakhouse

    Manpuku Steakhouse/IMAGE by Philippine Primer

    Manpuku Special/IMAGE by Philippine Primer

    Manpuku Steakhouse serves delicious Angus beef and Japanese beef steak. They serve their dishes on a hot iron plate make it sizzle and more appetizing. They also sell meat. 

    Address: LG Floor
    Phone: 0929-247-2934
    Business Hours:  11:00 am – 8:00 pm
    Facebook: Manpuku Steakhouse and Japanese restaurant
    Card: Accepted
    Cashless payment:  Accepted
    Smoking: Non-smoking 



    Ikigai’s shaved ice cream/MAGE by Philippine Primer

    Ikigai, a dessert shop, and Wabi-Sabi a noodle house are sister companies sharing the same restaurant space. The store serves shaved ice topped with fresh fruits and homemade syrup, and there are about 13 flavors to choose from. On the other hand, Wabi-Sabi is a vegetarian ramen shop that specialized in Japanese ramen and Vietnamese pho.

    Address:  UG-4
    Phone:  0949-993-4240
    Business Hours: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
    Facebook: wabisabi.makati
    Card:  Unavailable
    Cashless payment: Accepted
    Smoking: Non-smoking

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer’s English and Japanese Magazines February 2021 issue 



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