April 12, 2020

Learn More About Philippine History With Ayala Museum’s Online Resources

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  • Philippine History is comprised of a complex and multilayered past. Stories of wars and victories, cultures and languages that are either extinct or continually in flux, are contained in preserved artifacts, historical documents, sound recordings, and photographs.

    Museums are, in a way, a form of a memory landscape — a concrete structure that allows us to revisit the past. Ayala Museum, among other local museums, houses some of the country’s most important historical objects. While museums are traditionally visited, Ayala Museum has adapted to the digital platform by establishing Ayala Museum On-The-Go (Ayala Museum OTG) last year.

    Currently, as the enhanced community quarantine has been extended until April 30, Ayala Museum announced that the public can still explore Philippine History at home through their Online Resources.

    Coloring Activities

    Find some time to relax today by trying out one of our Textile Coloring Sheets to color! It is still the weekend after…

    Ayala Museumさんの投稿 2020年3月27日金曜日

    An activity perfect for art and clothing enthusiasts or for keeping your kids occupied, Ayala Museum has provided coloring sheets highlighting the different patterns of various Philippine Textiles while including important information about the chosen designs on each page. The coloring sheets can be printed or digitally colored with your preferred art medium.

    Ayala Museum TV

    If you’re a visual learner, you might want to check out their  Youtube Channel. Featuring different subject matters that range from Beauty & Fashion, Dating & Courtship, Life & Religion, Gold & Splendor, and Finesse & Craft, we promise you that you won’t regret every minute you’ve spent on watching. With their tagline, “Stuff You May Have Missed in History Class,” make sure that you’ll pay attention this time!

    Online Exhibitions

    Selected from their archives, they have made available the following exhibitions online:

    • Manila Reborn – tackles the subject matter of Manila being the “Pearl of the Orient,” its eventual downfall caused by the war, and the postwar rehabilitation scene after Manila achieved liberation
    • The Art of Malong – explores the different types of Malong worn on different occasions and its rich history
    • Women and War – a collection of portraits featuring Filipina workers, warriors, and survivors of World War II and as well as their contributions

    Music Library

    Selected from their exclusive Rush Hour Concerts, Ayala Museum has uploaded Manila Symphony Orchestra’s  Video Game Symphonic which features pieces from classic video games and pop culture!

    Additionally, they’ve curated a playlist containing music from classic OPM that is sure to make you or probably your parents reminisce!

    To learn more about their Online Resources, visit Ayala Museum’s page here.

    Source: ayalamuseum.org

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