March 20, 2020

2 Filipinos Hailed at the 2020 Young Global Leaders

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  • 2 Filipinos Hailed at the 2020 Young Global Leaders
  • Among hundreds of nominees at the recent 2020 Young Global Leaders, two Filipino entrepreneurs are taking a lead and a leap into changing the world through business and entrepreneurship.

    Founder and CEO of Agrea Agricultural Systems International Inc. Cherrie Atilano together with Founder and CEO of Henry Motte-Muñoz uphold Filipino pride as they join the league of the world’s most promising leaders under 40. Founder and CEO Henry Motte-Muñoz and Agrea Agricultural Systems International Inc. Founder and CEO Cherrie Atilano

    The Forum of Young Global Leaders aims to create a dynamic community of global leaders that has a vision to make a positive impact in the world. Every year, they accept nominations from nations across the globe, thus the chosen candidates get the chance to be a part of the class.

    To inspire, connect, and transform are the three main goals of the Forum of Young Global Leaders. Through their class, they bring leaders from different nations in one to connect and share their stories and goals.

    More than that, these leaders are thoroughly chosen as they are seen to top the criteria to inspire and transform the world into the betterment.

    Guiding Principles Video

    There is a "real restless hunger for impact." Watch the video to find out more about our #YGL community:

    Young Global Leadersさんの投稿 2017年11月14日火曜日

    Similar to other nominations, there are criteria that one must possess in order to be considered in the list such as the entrepreneur must be at least 38 years old or younger; has five to 15 years of outstanding leadership and achievements; has a commitment to serve the society; and for business candidates, one must hold either of the following titles like President, chair of the board, chief executive officer, managing director, managing partner or publisher.

    After 2015, this is the first time that a Filipino was chosen for the forum again with not just one but two Filipinos in the list. One can really see that Filipinos are now keeping up with other nations when it comes to business and leadership.

    Besides being the CEO of Agrea Agricultural Systems International Inc., a Marinduque-based company, Cherrie Atilano is an advocate of women and youth and has 21 years of experience in agribusiness and agri-technology.

    She also co-founded HATIENDA Holdings Inc., an agritourism space that aims to produce solely Filipino agricultural products for the local and export market. She is also a multi-awarded entrepreneur and ambassador on agricultural issues.

    As for Henry Motte-Muñoz, is created for the youth to help them in every step they are taking through the knowledge of what education holds.

    More than in school knowledge, also provides people an idea about schools, scholarships, online courses, courses or tracks, and so much more. In short, they make school stuff sound a little less scary especially for the young ones that will unfold new chapters in their life.

    More than their businesses and tasks, both Cherrie and Henry aspires to become a good example to the youth and to the nation. Thus, this is only the beginning for them—a beginning where they can create more possibilities and opportunities.

    Source: Young Global Leaders Website
    Images grabbed from, Agrea Facebook PageCherrie Atilano via Facebook

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