February 24, 2020

Gozen, Chirashi and More: What to Expect From Sen-Ryo’s New Menu This March

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  • When the premium sushi concept Sen-Ryo first opened at The Podium last November 2019, they brought with them authentic Japanese flavors and high-quality food made from the freshest ingredients and traditional techniques.

    If you just can’t get enough of their signature Salmon Roe Nigiri then you’ll have more to love at Sen-Ryo starting this March with their newest menu offerings!

    Sen-Ryo’s newest offerings aim to cater both to the Filipino and Japanese palates

    Chef Gerald Arcilla and Chef Yukio Arakawa crafted the new items on Sen-Ryo’s menu with the aim to make sure that they cater both to the Filipino and Japanese palates.

    By combining the freshness that Japanese people love with the familiar tastes that Filipinos are accustomed to, they hope to entice more diners to frequent the restaurant.

    Chef Gerald Arcilla and Chef Yukio Arakawa of Sen-Ryo

    Since Filipinos are big fans of rice, Sen-Ryo has come up with two types of gozen—a traditional Japanese set meal with rice and soup—that will guarantee a satisfying and filling meal.

    You may choose between the Unagi and Tempura Gozen, both served with a plate of salmon skin salad, mixed nigiri, white rice, miso soup, and mixed fruits.

    Unagi and Tempura Gozen

    The Unagi Gozen is highlighted by its main dish—a big piece of grilled river eel drenched in the flavorful sauce while the deep-fried goodness of tiger prawns, kanikama, salmon, green beans, and ova leaf is the star in the Tempura Gozen.

    Bowls of fresh seafood and rice will also be soon available at Sen-Ryo as they launch the Zuke Salmon Jyu, Zuke Tuna Jyu, and Chirashi.

    For the Zuke Tuna and Salmon Jyu, you get a bed of vinegared rice topped with succulent cuts of fresh tuna and salmon and a bit of sujiko (salmon roe) resulting in a burst of flavors that is balanced and clean.

    (Clockwise) Zuke Tuna Jyu, Chirashi, and Zuke Salmon Jyu

    Chirashi, on the other hand, is a beloved Japanese meal composed of rice, seafood, and vegetables in a bowl. Sen-Ryo’s version is loaded with tuna, salmon, squid noodles, kanikama (crab sticks), Botan shrimp, tamago, sujiko, and oba leaves.

    Sen-Ryo’s Chirashi

    And while Sen-Ryo’s raw seafood offerings are exquisite since these are directly imported from Japan, Chef Arakawa also recognized that some people, especially Filipinos, are not keen on eating these yet.

    With that in mind, they will also introduce dishes that will be more relatable to local diners like the Seafood Teppanyaki composed of grilled salmon, tiger prawns, scallops, and mixed vegetables.

    Seafood Teppanyaki

    Sen-Ryo is also coming up with two new varieties of Chawanmushi, a type of savory egg custard dish found in Japan—the Sen-Ryo Chawanmushi with shredded kanikama, edamame, and iringi mushroom, and Chawanmushi with Sujiko with tiger prawn, sujiko, and gold flakes.

    Chawanmushi with Sujiko and  Sen-Ryo Chawanmushi

    Lastly, end your meal on a sweet note with everyone’s favorite Japanese rice cake mochi with a twist! Sen-Ryo’s Ohagi Ala Mode is composed of red bean mochi served with vanilla ice cream and mango slices.

    Ohagi Ala Mode

    With their premium food choices, quality service, and stylish interiors, Sen-Ryo is definitely a place where you can experience Japanese dining at its finest.

    Sen-Ryo can sit up to 120 people. Aside from the main dining area, they have private and horigotatsu rooms for groups.

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    You can visit them on the ground level of The Podium, Mandaluyong City. Apart from their branch in the Philippines, Sen-Ryo can also be found in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and of course, Tokyo.

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