October 28, 2019

Nikkei in Manila Unveils New Hamachi Offerings

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  • Great news to all sushi and sashimi lovers out there! Nikkei is bringing Japan’s famous yellowtail fish to their branches for the first time by introducing their newest dishes featuring the hamachi

    The fish in the spotlight is the hamachi, also known as buri in Japan. It is a yellowtail fish that is commonly used for sashimi and sushi because of its consistent and high-quality taste. 

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    Fresh cut of Hamachi

    It used to be available only during the winter season but because of artificial seedling technology in Japan, hamachi can now be enjoyed in all seasons.

    Now, you have the chance to taste the goodness of hamachi as Nikkei finally unravels their new Hamachi menu, and we were lucky enough to sample these special dishes prepared by Executive Chef Richie Buenaventura himself.

    Executive Chef Richie Buenaventura prepares the hamachi dishes

    For those who seldom eat raw sashimi, Nikkei’s Hamachi Sashimi is here to change your mind. This dish is made from the loin part of the hamachi that has a rich, fresh, and buttery flavor. 

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    Hamachi Sashimi

    Next in the menu is the Hamachi Aburi Nigiri. This sushi is made from the belly part of the fish cooked the aburi style using a blowtorch, making the natural fish oils come out and add flavor.

    Hamachi Aburi Nigiri

    Another sashimi is the Hamachi Carpaccio or known as tiradito in Japanese-Peruvian cuisine. It is made from thin slices of the fish’s chutoro or the meat between the loin and the belly.

    Just one look at this dish, and you’ll be amazed by the clean contrast of each slice showing the amount of fat with a portion of the loin.

    Hamachi Carpaccio

    Last but not least is the Hamachi Kama, a grilled teriyaki made from almost everything you can get from the hamachi like the fish stock, the head, and of course the collar, which is the most flavorful part of the fish. It is served with cilantro salad on the side.

    Hamachi Kama

    If you want to sample all hamachi dishes in one plate, they are also serving the Hamachi Set complete with all four hamachi dishes good for two and four persons.

    Hamachi Set

    Nikkei’s new Hamachi dishes will be officially launched on November 16, 2019 at Nikkei Rada. Note that said dishes will be available only on weekends.

    Nikkei Rockwell

    The Hamachi dishes will be available in all their branches in Nikkei Rada and Nikkei Rockwell in Makati City, Nikkei Nama Bar in BGC, and Nikkei at The Podium, Mandaluyong City.

    For more information, visit Nikkei’s website at nikkei.com.ph and social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

    *Prices to be announced soon

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