August 07, 2019

The Beer Factory’s Boba Beer Series Is the Perfect After-Work Drink

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  • The Beer Factory’s Boba Beer Series Is the Perfect After-Work Drink
  • It seems like the boba trend is nowhere near ending! And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, The Beer Factory adds another boba drink to the list. 

    Introducing The Beer Factory’s Boba Beer Series

    Boba Beer Series

    Boba Beer Series will be available until August 31, 2019. See yah and be tipsy!

    The Beer Factory Philippinesさんの投稿 2019年8月1日木曜日

    Four fun drinks infused with different kinds of beer and flavorings made more exciting with the addition of boba pearls! Each drink is customized to make it unique from the others.

    The Guinness Milkshake

    If you got a bit of a sweet tooth, then you will definitely love this drink. The Guinness Milkshake (Php 249) is made with the classic Guinness beer, combined with ice-blended milkshake and topped with heavy cream and chocolate syrup. 

    Strawberry Lime Cider

    Made with San Miguel Flavored Beer, the Strawberry Lime Cider (Php 199) is easy to drink just like the usual cocktail. The boba pearls and strawberry cutlets add a layer and texture to the drink, making it both refreshing and fruity.

    Butter Beer

    Topped with heavy cream and caramel sauce, this Kirin Ichiban-infused drink has a hint of a buttery after-taste. Harry Potter fan or not, you will surely come back for more Butter Beer (Php 249)!

    Watermelon Beer

    Made with Heineken, this Watermelon Beer (Php 199) may very well be the strongest drink in the series. Complementing the beer are watermelon cubes and boba pearls, which add sweetness to the usual bitter flavor of this well-loved beer.

    Don’t miss out on these four unique drinks as The Boba Beer Series is available from August 2 to August 31 only! 

    The Beer Factory is located at the Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City and at Eton Centris in Quezon City

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