August 23, 2018

Docukit: Digitize for Better Office Efficiency

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  • With many services and corporations turning digital, paper transactions are becoming a thing of the past. The only way to improve and stay competitive is to digitize. Docukit is the application that will help companies achieve digital transformation.

    Speakers for the seminar include Armeda Laguerta, Armando Perez, Jeffrey Tungol, Eymard Albis and host Gericho Mijares.

    Digital transformation (DX) is the use of digital innovation in all areas of business, changing how they operate and deliver customer experience. Before going for DX, companies should first “digitize” or convert information to a digital format. To do this, there are appliances to better help companies through the process such as Docukit, a Document Management System (DMS).

    From document filing, metadata capture, document security, and reports generation, Docukit manages the process of DX as well as maintaining the company’s efficiency. Created to work with most Multi-Function Printers (MFP) and computers, the archiving system is created to suit offices and companies that is ready to go.

    Ms. Armeda Laguerta of eCopy Corporation demonstrates DMS on a Multifunction Portal 

    In a seminar held last August 15, Docukit was demonstrated using several MFPs that can Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, and, thanks to the DMS, Archive. The demonstrations show how the software can answer a number of problems that can potentially halt production and affect efficiency in the office.

    The event also explained how Docukit can be personalized to suit the different needs and systems that a company needs such as documentation for shipment and logistics company, large format plan archive for a construction company, or easy retrieval of patient charts for the medical industry.

    The seminar was attended by company managers, government representatives, and business owners 

    As far as personalization goes, Docukit has the flexibility to work as a standalone and can be integrated with other applications. In an event of a server crash or a system failure, a company with Docukit is assured that their files have been backed up, retrievable, and accessible because of its storage and disaster recovery solutions.

    With all this in place, the office can be more effective and cost-efficient to be able to provide a better customer experience.


    Contact Docukit for questions and inquiries:
    Landline: 02-986-3917

    Written by Heloise Diamante

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