July 18, 2018

Mr. Big: Making the World Sleep Better

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  • While it is important to have at least six to eight hours of sleep everyday, the quality is as much as important as the amount of sleep. In order to get a comfortable night sleep, pillows are one we must never take for granted.

    With the aim to improve body alignment and sleeping position, what started out as a homemade DIY support pillow launches their BIG contribution towards improving people’s wellness and body posture.

    Mr. Chawakit Kaoien at the Mr. Big Launch in SM Makati / IMAGE Mr. Big

    At the launch of Mr. Big last June 21, 2018, Mr. Chawakit Kaoien, a licensed physical therapist, shared the remarkable story of how and why Mr. Big was created. As a physical therapist, he worked to improve respiratory systems of patients who were in critical conditions, thus he would arrange their sleeping positions to help reduce pressure, soreness, pain and promote good blood circulation.

    But while he began discovering the help of a good sleeping position in the hospital, the creation of Mr. Big actually started at his home. He then recalled that his wife would always complain with neck and back pain every morning. As a physical therapist, he did what he’s been doing for his patients he adjusted her sleeping position with the help of various pillows.

    Mr. Big Body Scale Pillows, comes in sizes depending on height and weight  / IMAGE Mr. Big

    But while it sort of helped his wife, the pillows won’t keep steady on its place. This is where the concept of Mr. Big finally started he began stitching pillows together to help them keep in place. Ultimately, it worked, and the rest is history.

    Today, Mr. Big’s bestselling pillow is their Body Scale line featuring five ascending sizes and levels of support, that are recommended on the basis of height and weight.  The variable amounts of support are achieved by precisely measuring the amount of stuffing. 

    The prices of the body scale pillows are as follows:

    1- Php 2499.75
    2- Php 2899.75
    3- Php 3099.75
    4- Php 3499.75
    5- Php 3699.75

    The 9 pillow helps ensures neutral spine alignment for side sleepers all night Php 6,099.75 / IMAGE Mr. Big

    Six years after that first stitched pillow, Mr. Big is now growing big in the market as it now offers nine pillows, stuffed with Elasta Fiber, a remarkably uniform, predictable, durable and resilient stuffing material, for a precisely tuned support.

    The Jay pillow is perfect for both side and back sleepers who like to sleep with their legs supported Php 5699.75 / IMAGE Mr. Big

    Making everybody in the world sleep better, happier and more ergonomically comfortable, Mr. Big is a perfect sleep essential and you may find it exclusively in all SM Home stores. For more information on Mr. Big, visit: www.mrbigpillow.com, or check their Facebook page at @mrbigpillowphilippines, or at @mrbigpillow on Instagram.   

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