September 05, 2022

Estate Wine Mother’s Day Specials

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  • Our Mothers are our luxury and a person’s necessity. They gave us the environment we need as they age along with us and look upon on how we grow. You see, mothers are like vintners or winemakers ensuring that wines are aged perfectly. They ensure that the terroir is complete and good enough to make a perfect taste for the wine.

    This mother’s day, collaborate with Estate Wine to transform your mom’s whine to wine as a part of their Mother’s day specials. We don’t need to be a connoisseur of it to understand that wines somehow pertains to intimacy, celebration and more meanings that wine portrays. Until May 13, 2018, Estate Wine offers bottles on bottles of wine for you to incorporate as you declare your love with the famous three words, I love you.

    Easy drinking collection: 2017 Chateau Beau-Puits Blanc,  2017 Chateau Beau-Puits Rosé, 2016 Chateau Beau-Puits Rouge

    For easy drinking collection, they give you 2017 Chateau Beau-Puits Blanc, 2017 Chateau Beau-Puits Rosé, and 2016 Chateau Beau-Puits Rouge. Each bottle costs Php 650 while the whole collection costs Php 1,600. They are all new wines of the Estate Wine with a shade of red and pink, having a fruity aroma of elegance.

    Limited Edition Collection: 2014 Portal Blanco, Celler Piñol, Terra Alta/ 2013 Domaine de Lansac, Aubun Rosé, Alpilles/ 2012 Vignobles Lorgeril, Château de Pennautier Rouge, Cabardès

    2014 Portal Blanco, Celler Piñol, Terra Alta, 2013 Domaine de Lansac, Aubun Rosé, Alpilles and 2012 Vignobles Lorgeril, Château de Pennautier Rouge, Cabardès are all part of their Limited Edition Collection. The first two costs Php 1,000 while the last costs Php 800. The whole collection costs Php 2,100.

    Stocks are Limited and deliveries are only available around Metro Manila! Grab your glasses as you celebrate this Mother’s day over a glass of wine.

    Written by Vinnise Marcelo, Philippine Primer intern

    Images from Estate Wine 

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