December 22, 2017

BAKE Cheese Tart opens in the Philippines

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  • Hokkaido’s cult favorite, BAKE Cheese Tart, is now in Manila, opening not just one but two doors: one at The Podium on December 22, 2017, and another at Powerplant Mall Rockwell on January 11, 2018.

    BAKE Cheese Tart, a product of the 30-year old Japanese bakery Kinotoya, comes to Manila with a mind-blowing record of churning out 35 million cheese tarts per year. This local Hokkaido favorite, known as The Best Cheese Tart Ever, features an exquisite blend of four types of cheese—three from Hokkaido and one from France. It is then cupped in a double-baked crust and baked until it turns a delicate golden brown.

    The result is a cheese tart that lends a sensational mouthfeel. Served fresh from the crust that has crunchy sides, the cheese gently stretches before melting in your mouth. The experience is a well-balanced cream cheese with a crisp pastry that is just the right ratio to its filling. Satisfied customers the world over has declared its unrivaled quality. It can even be enjoyed four ways: freshly baked, chilled, frozen, and warm.

    BAKE Cheese Tart Founder Shintaro Naganuma, whose family owns Kinotoya, has enforced time and again that passion has allowed them to focus on perfecting the recipe. Treading down the unconventional path of producing a single product for a shop, BAKE cheese tart’s mono-product approach has been key to now making it stand as the Japanese innovation that sets the cheese tart craze into motion.

    Manila is the 9th country around the world to host BAKE cheese tarts. Similarly, for the Philippines, there was a clear opportunity to introduce the original cheese tart, says Naganuma.

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