October 12, 2017

Fujitsu World Tour Asia Conference Manila 2017 with Mr. Craig Baty

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  • Today, digital technologies are moving into the heart of everything we do, changing the way people work, live and how they innovate. In this new digital society, digital co-creation becomes a business norm.

    Last October 11, 2017, Fujitsu held their World Asia Tour Conference Manila at the Pasig Room in Makati Shangri-La  Hotel . Mr. Craig Baty , VP International Marketing & VP Digital Services Business, Fujitsu Ltd., Tokyo, was  present during the conference and discussed about Human Centric Innovation, focusing on Digital Co-Creation.

    Five years ago, Fujitsu was born to change the present industry where they continue to put people and different processes together to satisfy human needs, and solve problems to make lives easier. For some people, the presence of various technologies may result to having an apocalyptic world, especially a lot of movies this day talk about how the overuse of these technologies results to the complete destruction of humanity and human kind in general.

    Fujitsu wanted to change that negative thinking by giving the people a better future through the presence of technology. During the conference, Mr. Craig Baty also gave an emphasis to what Digital co-creation mean by blending business expertise and digital technology, and creating new value together with ecosystem partners and customers to shape a different future.

    He stated that in order for Fujitsu to achieve their aim in bringing people and technological processes together, they must gradually educate industries about digital transformation, and be able to provide these industries with right tools to achieve a globally competitive world transformed and strengthened through digital transformation itself.

    Mr. Baty also discussed the four pillars of digital transformation that Fujitsu is continuously working on that include the focus on the Internet of Things (IoTs), Cloud and Hybrid IT, Security, and Artificial Intelligence. Giving focus on these pillars will eventually result in achieving transformative outcomes like being able to live a longer life in stress-free environments, and achieving a better future where humans and technological advancements can live together in harmony.

    Written By: Patricia Antoinette M. Nacianceno

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