July 04, 2017

Recipe Corner: Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Skewers by Chef Takashi

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  • Here’s another snack idea for you to try! Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Skewers is not only deliciously healthy, it’s also quite easy to make! Learn how to make this healthy snack the Chef Takashi way!

    Yield: 175g, Prep time: 15 to 20 minutes

    • 100g Asparagus
    • 4 Bacon slices
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Slice of lemon


    1. Remove the woody ends of the asparagus.
    2. Boil the asparagus in boiling water for 1min. (salt level 1%).
    3. After boiling, cut the asparagus into half.
    4. Cut the bacon strips in half crosswise, then slowly wrap bacon around asparagus spears (in a rolling motion).
    5. Thread each skewer with 2 bacon wrapped asparagus.
    6. Cook in the pan or griller until bacon is done. Squeeze the lemon on top.

    Abot the Chef

    Chef Takashi has been living in the Philippines for 6 years and is the owner of Takashi Japanese Cuisine, a Japanese restaurant with branches in Pasig and Makati.

    He started his career in the Philippines as an instructor of Japanese cuisine in Gala Stars Culinary in 2014 while working as a chef in a Japanese restaurant. The owner of Pioneer Center, who was also one of his students before, offered him a space to open a Japanese restaurant in the building. The concept of Takashi Japanese Cuisine Corp. is to offer to authentic Japanese food at an affordable price. They opened their 2nd branch in Makati area last year and is planning to open another branch soon.

    Chef Takashi is also a consultant at Nishikiken Food Product in Mandaluyong. They sell food products and supplies like fresh noodles, seasonings, sauces etc.

    For more information about Takashi Japanese Cuisine, click here: Takashi Japanese Restaurant


    Takashi Japanese Cuisine Corp. (Japanese Restaurant)

    Takashi Japanese Cuisine

    Address: Pioneer Center, Pasig City/ Salcedo Village, Makati City

    Email: t.kawasaki@simplejapanesefood.com

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