December 16, 2016

Craft Beer Places in Manila

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  • The industry of brewing and selling craft beers in the Philippines may only be starting, but it surely is starting to gain a following from people who would like to try something different and new to their palette. While San Miguel Corporation and Asia Brewery are two of the largest breweries in the country, there are also groups who continue to produce drinks that, although are not cheap, offer a unique beer-drinking experience to people.

    Craft Beers, according to the Brewer’s Association in Boulder, Colorado, are beers made by local, traditional, and independent breweries.  Brewers of this particular type of beer give a unique and special twist to this famous drink.

    If you are a beer enthusiast or just wants to try something new with your friends, Primer PH rounds down 5 places where you can get craft beers in the metro.

    The Bottle Shop by Global Beer Exchange


    Image grabbed from Global Beer Exchange Facebook page

    Founded by beer aficionado Jim Araneta, Global Beer Exchange specializes in importing and housing various local and international specialty and craft beers. Beers that are sold here are tailored to fit the taste and preferences of its patrons.

    Global Beer Exchange’s The Bottle Shop is located at Paseo de Magallanes – a complex near South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and EDSA.

    For more information, you may visit their website and Facebook page.



    Gilmore Wines and Spirits


    Image grabbed from Gilmore Wines and Spirits Facebook page

    Located at #17 Gilmore Avenue. cor 1st street, New Manila, QC, Gilmore Wines and Spirits is one of the biggest and most diversified distributor of various alcoholic drinks. They sell a variety of drinks that are handpicked by their connoisseurs, so expect to see not only craft beers, but also Italian wine, single malt whiskey, and local and international beers.

    For more information, visit their Facebook page.

    Big Bad Wolf


    Image grabbed from Big Bad Wolf’s Facebook page

    Big Bad Wolf in Bonifacio Global City offers local and imported beers in bottles and on tap. Some of the beers they serve are: Crazy Carabao Kalinga Kolsch, Bogabrew Negros Pale Ale, Craftpoint Liberation, and Tapuey Ilocos Rice Wine. They also have  red, white, and sparkling wine, as well as cocktails. Visitors who want something to eat while enjoying their drinks may also order from their menu.

    For more information, you may visit their Facebook page.


    The Perfect Pint


    Image grabbed from The Perfect Pint’s Facebook page

    This restaurant in Molito Complex not only showcases craft beers, but also Filipino dishes of Chef Gene Gonzales. The Perfect Pint offers a selection of bottled and on-tap beers, as well as home brews that can only be ordered from them. They also recommend which dish would go well with the drink of your choice, so you will never feel lost whilst enjoying your time here.

    Visit their Facebook page for more information.


    Smoky Bastard


    Photo taken from Vern & Verniece

    Found in Century City Mall’s Hole in the Wall, Smoky Bastard will give you a wide range of beers to choose from. Aside from the more famous local craft beers, they also have drinks that are brewed in the provinces, including the Palawan Wit, Kalinga Kolsch, and De Puta Madre Double IPA. They also serve cocktails by glass or by carafe, so if you want to bring your friends for a drink or two, then Smoky Bastard is the place to go.

    For inquiries, you may call them at (02) 403-8080.


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