August 16, 2018

Save Your Holiday with These Luggage Packing Tips

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  • The wonders and benefits of taking a vacation can’t be stressed enough, and while simply anticipating an upcoming vacation is shown to be just as beneficial as the vacation itself, planning it can be equally stressful.

    Booking a plane ticket and reserving a hotel room are not the only stressors in a stress-busting getaway; packing one’s luggage is also a cause of a meltdown. Take note of these luggage packing tips and avoid ruining your holiday.

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    Don’t Pack at the Last Minute

    Yes, procrastinating is tempting but resist the urge to do so. Having a small amount of time to pack everything you need will only ensure that you’ll either forget something or pack something you don’t need…or a bit of both.

    Pack for the Weather

    Now that you have a destination, make use of your weather app and see what the prediction is during your stay. Apart from the weather, you’ll need to consider your itinerary as well. These will help you narrow down the items and clothing that you have to bring.

    Make a List

    Never scoff at a checklist! Knowing which items to bring doesn’t mean that you’ll remember to bring everything. Cross-checking with a list is a great way to see that everything you need is inside your suitcase and not on the bedside table. Once you’re done packing, keep the list and take it with you for reference when it’s time to go home.

    Rolling vs. Folding

    Most people prefer to fold their clothes when packing a suitcase but doing so could rob you of extra space. Just fold clothes lengthwise then roll tightly. Heavier pieces of clothing go at the bottom and near the wheels for balance and lighter pieces of clothing go at the top.

    Not Maximising Space

    You’ve rolled your jeans and shirts and you have space for your shoes. Put those shoes to good use by putting socks and jewelry inside.

    Seal Your Toiletries

    Think of it this way: If it can leak, it probably will. Don’t count on the bottle caps to keep everything inside. Instead of crying over spilled shampoo, place the bottles in a zip-top plastic bag before storing them in the suitcase.

    Forgetting About Souvenirs

    No vacation is complete without a few souvenirs to bring home. Because some souvenirs can be really cheap, it’s quite easy to over-shop. Chances are, your suitcase can’t hold all those items in so pack a foldable bag with you and use it to store your souvenirs.

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