March 18, 2017

Tips on Receiving Money from abroad when in the Philippines

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  • Have you tried receiving money overseas? If not, here are some of the tips you need to know when you do so.

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    Money transfers have become conveniently easy with the advanced technology we have in the Philippines. Especially that most Filipinos have a relative working overseas, money remittance is really a normal thing done here. The first thing you should do is to know which transfer money service company did the sender send his/her money. After, make sure that you get the reference number to be able to validate the transaction.

    Before going in to the money transfer branch, you need to make sure that you brought a proof of identification with you. Government-issued IDs are accepted, but if you’re a foreign citizen, passports can be enough proof. Other IDs accepted include driver’s license or national identity card. Before handing over your ID, you need to fill up a “Receive Form.” Make sure you filled up the right form and you have provided all the data the form needs from you. Once the information and identification have been verified, you just only need to wait for a few minutes to be able to get the money. It is a common courtesy to tell the money sender that you have received the money already, but some companies do inform the sender through a text or email notification that the money has already been received.

    Do you have questions about money transfers? Comment below.

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