February 27, 2017

Home of the Hour: A feature on Filipino socialites’ abode

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  • To make your house a place you’d want to come home to, getting tips to decorate and personalize your abode are necessary. Let’s take a look on how Liza, a homeowner in Alabang, conceptualized her home design through colors, furniture pieces, and a penchant for native and inherited items.

    “I want everything clean,” said Liza, owner of the three-storey house we visited in a posh village in Alabang one December night. Liza’s standard of cleanliness is a different kind of cleanliness—and truly, what we saw proves her right. Upon entering her humble abode, you would really believe that there is no place for disarray in her place. Everything is kept in place: no clutter, no dusty furniture, no dirt in sight— a place you’d certainly want to come home to. Liza then tells the story on how she and her husband built their home. “This house was built when we moved in 2004. This was the very first house that we built here in the Philippines,” said Liza as she took us to a tour on the ground floor of her three-storey house.


    HOME SPOT. The living room is just a few steps away from the dining area, and in front of their lanai. Asked what their favorite spot is, Liza showed us their TV room. “This and the lanai are our favorite places. This is where we watch films and where the kids play games in their Play Station.”

    You can easily notice how spacious the house is because of how it was designed. Bedecked with mostly big furniture pieces, hues of brown and nude, and high ceilings, Liza’s house definitely speaks of sophistication and style. “We just wanted an open space; that was our thing,” recalled Liza while she was telling us the history of her home. “Basically, the idea was the zen or Asian tropical look, and we hired our good friend and interior designer to help us. We (Liza and her husband) wanted the look to be warm also,” added Liza. Liza’s idea is never too far from what most luxury homes in the Philippines look like. More and more houses are now pandering to the minimalist look, making it look simple yet sleek. As for Liza, she says that in more than a decade of living here, she has not changed themes quite often.

    FROM THE DOOR OUTSIDE. The house’s high ceilinged interior gives it an overall spacious look.

    KITCHEN AREA. Liza’s kitchen area is as clean as it can be– making it look neat and orderly  – a place where cooking can truly be an enjoyable activity. 

    Her dining area is an entirely different story. Since she likes to keep everything clean, she’s not your usual homeowner who displays a lot in her kitchen. Similar to typical Filipino homes, there is a ‘dirty kitchen’ (outdoor kitchen) where most of the cooking takes place. Outdoor kitchens are common in the Philippines both in the provinces and in the city because of its convenience in keeping unwanted odor from the cooking away from the insides of the house.

    This 8 -seater dining table is a definition of modern -meets -classic design. The table – an old, recycled one – is paired with a set of modern chairs which makes a visually aesthetic look. In their dining area, a huge table makes for their dining setup. Liza recollects the story of how she wanted to get rid of this table but eventually loved it in the long run. “This was an office table of my husband’s grandfather. I was initially reluctant to have it here but our interior designer insisted for it to stay. I got convinced and then I eventually liked it. The chairs, though, were changed into modern ones to keep up with the theme.”

    COMFY AND CONVENIENT. This guestroom located at the ground floor is where Liza’s parents stay when they visit. The colors are in an Earth tone scheme, perfect for a relaxing feel.

    To end our tour in Liza’s house, we asked her what tip she could give for those who would like to build their own house someday. “You don’t have to buy everything,” said Liza. True enough, the things that adorn her house give her plenty of stories to share. From her great finds for home accents to restored furniture which they have kept for a long time, that’s when you can totally say that the best things in life are free.

    This jar which stands at her living room makes for a great accent piece in the area. “It came from Negros Occidental, and this jar is what my mom used to make vinegar out of coconut sap. One time, when we visited the province, I saw it and just fell in love with it, so I asked my mom to ship it,” recalls Liza.


    ACCENTUATE. This back chair perfectly sits at the side, serving its dual purpose as a decoration and as a seat.

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