February 11, 2015

5 Ways to Know Its Valentine’s Day in the Philippines

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  • Love is all around this month of February and the reason is obvious and it consists of only two words-Valentine’s Day. The once in a year event where men struggle to think of the perfect surprise for their lady loves and girls excitedly wait for what their guys have in store. Filipinos in love welcome the celebration of Valentine’s Day with open arms and you will definitely feel it coming when you start to notice these 5 happening around you:


    1. Flower Prices Hike Up



    Flowers have long been a Valentine’s Day Staple. May it be a single rose or a whole bouquet, flowers never fail to make women of any age feel special. You will know that Valentine’s Day in the Philippines is fast approaching when flower vendors start increasing their prices. While nothing really changes in terms of what the flowers look like, demand for them sure does. And despite the drastic change in price, our gentlemen still end up buying them for the ladies. One of the most popular and affordable places to get flowers in the Philippines would be Dangwa Market in Sampaloc, Manila.


    2. Valentine Concerts Start Showing Up

    Vday concerts


    Dates, dates, dates everywhere!!! The country will never run out of people looking for places to have a date at this time of the year. You’ll know Valentine’s Day is near when Valentine concerts from both local and foreign artists have been popping up like mushrooms before and during Valentine’s Day giving lovers an avenue to reminisce together with songs about love.


    3. Valentine Cards Abound



    Valentine Cards in all shapes and sizes appear one day in the shelves of the country’s biggest bookstores and all girls secretly hope deep inside to receive one (if possible the biggest one with a giant teddy bear). Along with flowers and chocolates, the Valentine Card is de rigeur in every “Valentine’s Day Gift Package” which happens to be an unspoken rule for most couples.


    4. Lovers Start to Crowd Parks



    Another way you’ll know Valentine’s Day is near is when the various Parks in the country start to get crowded with lovers. A budget friendly way to celebrate together, spending time together in parks are Filipino couples way of spending time together and just catching up. You can see this happening even days before Valentine’s Day. Popular parks where you can site couples would be Luneta Park, Paco Park and even the ruins of Intramuros.


    5. You Will Literally See It Everywhere



    Lastly, you’ll know its Valentine’s Day in the Philippines when you start seeing and hearing about it everywhere. You’ll hear broadcasters talking about it on television, hotels and restaurants will start having promos, and shop windows will constantly remind you as you walk through malls.

    Filipinos have always been known to be open and happy people. Whether single or in a relationship, they welcome Valentine’s Day with open hearts and a smile on their face.



    Article by: Carol Premacio
    Photo courtesy of: (1) Zack Lee from Flickr; (2) Giphy; (3) Craftivist Collective on Flickr; (4) Shankar S. from Flickr; (5) Burgermac from Flickr

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