February 09, 2016

Brent International School

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    One of the most popular schools for expats in the Philippines, Brent International School is proud of having over 100 years of educational tradition in the country. At the present, the school now has several campuses throughout the country such as in Baguio, Subic and its main campus in Biñan, Laguna.



    The school provides a Western-style of education which helps its international students. The facilities found in the schools are all well-equipped with materials that will help in the students’ learning. Latest devices such as Macbook and iPads are used in the classrooms for educational purposes. The school also envisions its institution to focus on the student’s personal growth such as in academic, interpersonal, physical, and spiritual aspects.

    Aside from its world-class educational facilities, Brent School also hosts international events such as UN Day and International food festivals for its school activities.



    Address: Brentville Subdivision, Barangay Mamplasan, Biñan, Laguna

    Tel: 02-511-4345/0918-940-7778

    Web: www.brent.edu.ph

    The target age: 6-10 years old

    School time: 8:00-14:35 (1 and sophomore)/8:00-14:45 (3rd-5th grader)

    School bus: Yes

    Uniforms: Yes

    Requirements for Foreign Students: The passport and visa (one for the child, father, and mother)

    School Year: The first term (August-October)/second term (October-December)/3 semesters (January-March)/4 semesters (March-May)

    Children with disabilities: Accepted

    Waiting List: For $500, you will be at the priority list

    Trial Enrollment: None

    Extracurricular Class: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, a PC and a board game, Clubs

    The number of children: 1040 people

    Facilities: Gymnasium, Tennis court, Pool, Media center, PC room, Laboratory, Music room, Theater, Clinic, Cafeteria and Chapel

    Lunch: Cafeteria


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