March 07, 2019

Filipina Triathlete to Represent PH at the World’s Toughest Marathon in North Pole

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  • A Filipina triathlete is set to conquer the World’s Coolest and Toughest Marathon this April 2019 and she’s achieved a new milestone for the country as the FIRST Filipina to run at the extreme 89° North Pole Marathon!

    Joyette Jopson with FWD Executives and her squad Romi Garduce, Margielyn Didal, and Carmela Pearson

    The Fearless Filipina

    Joyette Jopson is a 39-year old triathlete joining local and international triathlon events for over 13 years now. She is a three-time Ironman Filipino Elite Champion and the Financial Wealth Officer of FWD.

    This April 2019, Jopson is set to join the FWD Team Asia representing the Philippines along with the runners from Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand and all over the world. They will be gathered around vying for victory at one of the world’s most challenging marathon ever!

    Joyette Jopson, the fearless Filipina 

    Jopson’s support squad consists of Romi Garduce, the first and only Filipino to climb the seven summits of the world including Mount Everest. His survival knowledge and experience in dealing with different terrains and unpredictable weathers will be valuable to prepare Jopson.

    Also part of the squad is the first Filipina to compete and represent the Philippines in the Street League Skateboarding Pro Open—Margielyn Didal. Her experience in breaking grounds and pushing limits will help Jopson along the way.

    Last and definitely not the least, is Carmela Pearson, a Filipina Long Distance Cyclist and fastest Filipina to do a 1,230-kilometer race in Paris. She trained with the Jopson for years and became her sparring partner who will push and support her for the upcoming marathon.

    Romi Garduce, Margielyn Didal, Joyette Jopson, and Carmela Pearson

    World’s Coolest and Toughest Marathon

    This April 9, 2019, Jopson is expected to fly to the northernmost point on Earth to represent the Philippines in the forthcoming FWD North Pole Marathon. Participants will be running on an ice sheet of six to twelve feet thick above 12,000 feet of the Arctic Ocean. They are expected to run a 42-kilometer path with an average negative 30 degrees centigrade or even lower than 40.

    Jopson, together with all the runners will be competing not just with their physical limitations but as well as the weather and its temperature. “We chose Joeyette as the Philippines’ representative this year because of her indomitable spirit, something that will help her conquer the North Pole. As the first Filipina who is set to conquer the marathon, she will proudly bring both FWD and Filipino Pride to the world stage” said FWD’s President and CEO, Peter Grimes.

    FWD’s President and CEO, Peter Grimes

    The North Pole Marathon is recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as the “Northernmost Marathon on Earth” and considered as one of the toughest marathons ever. But with Jopson’s courage, determination, and heart of a warrior, everyone’s positive that she will conquer even the toughest one.

    “I am truly grateful to have been chosen to represent FWD and the Philippines as this is really will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I will bring with me relentless courage and determination against the world’s harshest conditions as I am to make my country proud.”

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