March 18, 2018

Health Benefits of Green Papaya Enzyme in Bio-Normalizer

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  • In the Philippines, papaya is one of the common ingredients in dishes or the favorite fruit available all year round. It was even called the “fruit of the angels” by explorer Christopher Columbus making it the main ingredient of the Japanese product, Bio-Normalizer. The natural food supplement sources their green papaya from here in the Philippines!

    Dr. Akira Osato, the developer of Bio-Normalizer, discovered that the sun and rainforest of Batangas provide ideal growing conditions for the best green papayas. The farm uses non-artificial organic agriculture without using chemicals by sticking to USDA certified fertilizer and unpolluted, natural underground water. When ripe, the papayas are filled with antioxidants and enzymes.

    Most enzyme supplements in the market only contain one type of enzyme but green papaya contains all three major food enzymes making it a miracle fruit! Its proteolytic enzyme (protease) is vulnerable to heat and breaks down immediately aiding digestion. Thanks to this, you won’t feel bloated after a heavy meal. It also works on the skin by breaking down and removing old damaged protein making wounds heal quickly! Another enzyme is the lipase or lipolytic enzyme that transforms fats into fatty acid and glycerin. Having this will burn body fat and assist healthy weight loss. Last but not the least is the glycolytic enzyme (diastase) that breaks down carbohydrates and activates, maintains, and improves metabolism for the perfect diet.

    Now, the next time you are going to have a heavy meal, remember to dissolve a stick of Bio-Normalizer in the mouth slowly. The natural amylase in the saliva helps release the nutrients in Bio-normalizer so they are more effectively absorbed in the body. Remember that the effects of the green papaya enzyme are most noticeable with regular use of 1-3 sticks a day.

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