January 06, 2018

Ibiza BGC ceases operations

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  • Competition in the food and entertainment industry keeps soaring, and unfortunately, some just can’t keep up with it. Such is the case of Ibiza Beach Club in BGC, which recently announced its closing, only less than a year after they launched in the city.

    IMAGE Ibiza BGC Facebook page

    The farewell message posted last January 2 on Ibiza BGC’s Facebook page had been straightforward about the reasons for the closing.

    “After serious deliberations and having exhausted all possible efforts, Ibiza BGC is closing operations effective today. Since we opened in April 2017, we have incurred massive losses month after month. Continuing operations would be great folly and will do more harm to the brand than good,” the statement reads.

    It also included a grateful message to its patrons.

    “To many of you who have come and dined and partied with us, for your unabashed support of Ibiza’s unique approach to dining and entertainment, passing the good word on to family, friends and coworkers, who have messaged us, starred, reviewed and showered Ibiza BGC with effusive praise, we thank you for your affirmation – we may not be a commercial success, but we do take pride that most of you have only positive words for the brand, the product and the service. To say that we appreciate the love thrown our way is a serious understatement.”

    Can we expect a comeback in the future?

    “Ibiza as a brand will continue on – armed this time with a little more prudence; we are keeping our eyes wide open for more commercially sensible opportunities. Because in spite of this upset, nothing gives us more pleasure than to bring you a quality product that kindles spontaneous gatherings, that gives you the escape you need now and again.”

    As is characteristic of a fresh new year is the hope of new beginnings. And truth be told, some beginnings are in fact,…

    Ibiza BGCさんの投稿 2018年1月2日(火)

    Meanwhile, Ibiza in Cebu continues its operations.

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    Images from: Ibiza BGC Facebook page

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