October 12, 2017

Taiwan approves visa-free travel for Filipinos

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  • Thinking about visiting the National Palace Museum or maybe the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Park in Taipei? Worry no more and include Taiwan on your travel bucket list. Taiwanese Premier Lai Ching-te has approved Visa-free privileges for Filipinos as part of their New Southbound Policy.

    Ximening Youth Shopping District

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    Raohe Street Night Market

    The Visa-free privileges for Filipinos have been recently approved, but details on its effectivity have yet to be announced. However in a report by Rappler, as per Focus Taiwan (Taiwan’s national news agency) visa-free travel of Filipinos to their country may take place in October or November. When the Visa-free travel is implemented, Filipinos may enjoy 14 days of stay in Taiwan without a visa! Taiwan also has visa-free arrangements for different countries, including Australia and Malaysia.


    Written by Philippine Primer intern Reva Marcelo

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