October 11, 2017

ANA YOSE Rakugo in English: A Japanese Sit-Down Comedy

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  • Last Saturday, October 7 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, Makati City, everyone enjoyed the Japanese sit-down comedy ANA YOSE Rakugo in English. Sounds of laughter and clapping of hands were heard all throughout the performances. Rakugo masters Kaishi Katsura, Fukuryu Katsura, Asakichi Katsura, and traditional juggler Kouki Houraiya entertained the esteemed guests who watched the show.

    Rakugo master Kaishi Katsura has made tours in the USA in 2008 and 2009

    Rakugo is a traditional comic storytelling performed by one person. Seated on a zabuton cushion, a comic tells a story, energetically speaking the dialogue for all the imaginary characters. To clearly distinguish one character from the other, Rakugo performers use various speech patterns and gestures.

    The amazing staff of ANA and Rakugo Masters after sit-down comedy

    The only props used in Rakugo are sensu (folding fan) and a tenugui (hand towel). Performers manipulate these to mimic all kinds of actions. The performances presented last week were witty, heartwarming and comedic, that everyone enjoyed all through-out the show. Audiences still fill the yose theaters every day as Rakugo has a special appeal for all nationalities.

    Everyone was impressed with Kaishi Katsura’s imaginary slurping sound

    One major performer was Kaishi Katsura who started his apprentice to Rakugo master Bunshi Katsura. Katsura has performed in 20 countries around the world. All thanks to All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest domestic network everyone had the chance to watch it live here in Manila.

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