September 14, 2017

Wine Tasting Evening at Ikomai Made Special with Kushikatsu

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  • Wine is a classy drink. Kushikatsu is a common Japanese street food. During the Wine Tasting Evening at Ikomai held on September 13, the two met each other in the middle and created a whole new experience for the attendees – something intimate and spontaneous.

    Ikomai was filled with great cheers and chatters!

    Around 50 attendees filled the venue with great cheers and chatters. Ikomai’s wine tasting event was meant to be a platform for every nationality to come and belong, exchange ideas, talk about values, and more—and that Ikomai perfectly achieved. There was a diverse mix of nationalities – Filipinos, Japanese, Korean, and French, among others – all huddled together and talking like good friends.

    Perfect wines for kushikatsu: (L-R) 2015 Pulenta La Flor Malbec, 2015 Chateau Beau Puits, Cremant de Limoux, 2014 Chateau Calendreau Blanc, and 2014 Good Ordinary Claret.

    The selection of wine was specially curated by Estate Wine to go well with the Japanese food served at the event. Five kinds of wine came under the spotlight as hands cradling wine glasses came right after another for a good refill.

    2015 Pulenta La Flor Malbec, with its rich and intense flavor, is great for those who like it strong.

    2015 Chateau Beau Puits, with cranberry and cotton candy-like flavors, is considered a lady’s drink.

    Almost simultaneously, people also head for the buffet of kushikatsu, featuring skewered meats and vegetables, fish, and salad. Among the apparent crowd favorites was Chan Chan Yaki, baked salmon with a stuffing of different kinds of mushroom, which is also available on Ikomai’s regular menu.

    People feasted on a row of delicious kushikatsu with Chan Chan Yaki on the leftmost.

    Everything was delicious!

    For Ikomai owner Taro Hori, wine and kushikatsu, while they seem to come from different worlds, share the same meaning. And that is about sharing traditions, culture, and good times.

    This Wine Tasting Evening is the first of Ikomai, but after proving to be fruitfully successful, more of such event may be expected in the near future. Cheers to more good times with fine wine and good food!

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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