July 14, 2017

Traditional Moon cakes at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

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    Indulge the timeless and traditional moon cakes at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila as they showcase these delectable delights, straight from the Pearl of the Orient!

    Mooncakes are essential to the Mid-Autumn Festival. Marco Polo Ortigas Manila and it’s cluster of hotels will be selling special moon cakes fo Hou Yi (box of 4), and Chang ‘E (box of 6) gift boxes, available at Php 2,288 and Php 3,388, respectively. A total of 15% savings can be availed for orders from July 15 to August 31, for a minimum of 5 gift boxes.

    The story about mooncakes comes from the legend of the archer Hou Yi, who was believed to be a hero for shooting nine out of ten suns that caused extreme heat.  As his token for this act, the queen of heaven gave him an elixir of life, which made him a God.

    Later on, he gave it to his wife, Chang ‘E until a local learned about this and tried to steal it. Which made her fly up to the sky and into the moon, the closest to Earth after she drank it. Hou Yi learned about this and has been shouting his wife’s name when he saw a figure in the moon.

    Lung Hin is located on the 44th floor of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. To know more about the hotel, visit www.marcopolohotels.com. Follow the Hotel in Facebook at facebook.com/MarcoPoloOrtigasManila or @MarcoPoloManila on Twitter or Instagram.

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