May 12, 2017

Dia Del Libro in Makati: A day with roses, books, and the masters

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  • Makati is definitely where it’s always at. Its home to people from all walks of life: from the highest of the high on the corporate ladder to the mild-mannered, everyday workers, the city has always been teeming with life, making it a perfect location for events.

    Makati City once again played host to the celebration Dia Del Libro or International Book Day last April 22 (Saturday) at Ayala Triangle Gardens. The event was filled with a series of activities that kept guests entertained from morning ‘til night.

    OPENING NIGHT. It’s not the one you’d expect, but it’s a welcome opening night nonetheless. Dia del Libro has turned the Ayala Triangle Gardens from a humble park to a center for arts and culture… at least for the next few weeks.

    The day started with the inauguration of the traveling exhibit featuring 53 life-size photographic print reproductions of masterpieces from The Prado Museum in Madrid. The collection includes works from the masters of the 12th to 19th centuries such as Rembrandt, Botticelli, Rubens, and Van Dyck.

    PRADO ON THE STREET. El Museo del Prado en Filipinas (The Prado on Philippine Streets) is a travelling exhibit featuring 53 life-size photo prints of masterpieces from the prestigious Prado Museum in Madrid. Makati is its first stop.

    ONE OF 53. This is just one of 53 photo print reproductions you’ll see at Ayala Triangle Gardens right now.

    The exhibit, which has been shown in cities around the world, is the first stop in an inspiring road show across the Philippines called El Museo del Prado en Filipinas (The Prado on Philippine Streets).  A project of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and The Prado, this endeavor is being carried out by the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines and the Instituto Cervantes de Manila.

    BOOKS, BOOKS, AND MORE books can be found at The Book Stop Project, though this isn’t the actual Book Stop…

    … this is. It has steps that act as seats for those who want to read on the spot.

    After the inauguration came the opening of The Book Stop Project – a pop-up library where visitors can borrow or exchange books. Guests were also treated to various forms of entertainment as well as a lively performance from the Manila Symphony Orchestra. It gave everyone a very festive yet educational experience through arts, music and poetry.

    THE CROWD. A small crowd gathers at The Book Stop Project to watch and listen to a live performance.

    “These books transport us into other worlds, and this is what makes our partnership with Instituto Cervantes more special. As the developer of Makati, we strive to build spaces that allow people to explore, recharge, and reconnect with themselves and with others,” said Cathy Bengzon, Head of Corporate Marketing for Ayala Land.

    “Dia del Libro is very much aligned with what we’re about as a real estate developer. We have a long history of celebrating community, highlighting arts & culture, and really having a vision of helping to improve people’s lives through developing land. The Museo aims to bring art closer to the people – blended into the streetscape. Makati’s accessibility makes this the perfect venue for the exhibit. We know that our residents and visitors are hungry for the high arts, which is why we have made it more accessible for everyone to see and experience various forms of art.”

    Thousands of books published in Spanish, Filipino and English ranging from classics to children’s literature to dictionaries were made available to everyone through its book market. In addition, book buyers received lovely roses for every book purchase, following the Spanish tradition.

    The exhibit has transformed Ayala Triangle Gardens into a haven of arts and culture, bringing art closer to people as the month-long celebration is open to everyone — from the corporate set to residents to passersby, its accessibility makes it easier for them to appreciate paintings that have been passed on for decades. The traveling exhibit and The Book Stop Project will be at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati until May 22.

    Beginning April 29 to May 21, visitors of The Book Stop Project are in for a treat as they will have activities every weekend.

    There will be an Open Mic Poetry Night: Tribute for Moms on May 12, along with a Romance Writing Dialogue on May 13. Ayala Triangle Gardens will also play host to the Spanish Cultural Night on May 20 and 21, which includes Spanish Poetry Night and a screening of a Spanish literary film.

    There will also be a Japanese Cultural Night, featuring origami (paper folding), shodo (calligraphy), and Kamishibai, the Japanese form of storytelling.

    Instituto Cervantes de Manila and Ayala Land Inc. have a long history of collaborating to deepen Filipinos’ love and appreciation of the high arts. It aims to capture the rich history and culture of Spain, to which Filipinos have a deep affinity.

    This is a press release.

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